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The worst daily habits that accelerate aging
There are early signs of premature aging, such as memory problems, wrinkles, muscle loss, dull skin and fatigue.  It is natural to panic whe...
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A great nation's success story
abdelghany 23 فبراير 2022
Germany surrendered to the allies led by the United States of America in 1945 AD and it was the wreck of a state. The people were in a state...
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 Nasa Live _ Earth From Space
abdelghany 06 فبراير 2022
   Nasa Live _ Earth From Space Follow more news on  egy4ever
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Mother Throws Daughter Into Bear Pen, But Bear Refuses To Hurt Her (Video)
abdelghany 31 يناير 2022
A woman in the Uzbek capital Tashkent threw her daughter into a bear enclosure at the city zoo, but the monsters refused to attack her. And ...
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NASA announces an important discovery about the planet Super Neptune
Mohamed Wahed 16 يناير 2022
NASA .. Scientists monitor water vapor in the atmosphere of Super Neptune The American space agency "NASA" revealed the detection ...
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Space travel destroys red blood cells faster than what happens on Earth
Mohamed Wahed 16 يناير 2022
Scientists have learned more about how space travel increases anemia in astronauts after they return to Earth. Canadian researchers say that...
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Scientists prove in the laboratory the reality of “diamond rain” on Uranus and Neptune
Mohamed Wahed 12 يناير 2022
       Uranus and Neptune are often thought of as just the uninteresting planets in our solar system. Beneath the outer layers of these worl...
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NASA completes deployment of the world's most powerful space telescope
Mohamed Wahed 09 يناير 2022
NASA's new space telescope has deployed its huge, gold-plated, flower-like mirror, the final step in fully opening the dramatic observat...
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NASA :An asteroid twice the size of the Empire State will visit Earth January 18
Mohamed Wahed 03 يناير 2022
NASA has warned that a massive asteroid more than twice the size of the Empire State Building in New York will reach 1.2 million miles from ...
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How the James-Webb Space Telescope gained five years of lifespan
Mohamed Wahed 02 يناير 2022
NASA says it: the successful launch of the telescope on December 25 from the Kourou base in Guyana allows us to hope  for a longer than expe...
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