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Ukraine crisis plunges global stock exchanges
abdelghany 23 فبراير 2022
Stocks fell sharply globally on Tuesday after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his forces into two separatist regions in eastern Ukr...
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Saudi Aramco raises oil prices to Asia
abdelghany 06 فبراير 2022
Saudi Arabia raised oil prices for its main market in Asia after crude hit nearly $95 a barrel. According to informed sources, state-owned S...
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Billionaire Elon Musk bans young man from social media who asked him for $50,000
abdelghany 31 يناير 2022
The billionaire founder and owner of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, has banned on social media a young man who followed the movements of his p...
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Shocking prediction.. 1 billion investors in cryptocurrency by 2023
abdelghany 30 يناير 2022
Cryptocurrency trading platform has estimated that 1 billion people will invest in cryptocurrency by the end of this year. Based ...
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Brent contracts continue to rise and reach $ 86.48 a barrel
Mohamed Wahed 17 يناير 2022
The gains come on the heels of last week's rally in which Brent crude rose more than 5%. Oil prices rose on Monday as Brent crude future...
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A digital currency will rise by 150,000 thousand dollars
Mohamed Wahed 17 يناير 2022
They stumble, stagnate, or even record violent declines that may reach the point of collapse.. However, so far, it is still the most establi...
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Huge shipments were stolen from Amazon, UPS and FedEx... in an exciting way!
Mohamed Wahed 16 يناير 2022
Railroads in Los Angeles County, California, where shipping companies said they had seen a spike in railroad robberies. Some of the empty bo...
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Annual inflation in America jumps to 7% .. the largest rise since 1982
Mohamed Wahed 13 يناير 2022
  US consumer prices rose strongly in December and the annual increase in inflation was the largest in nearly four years, which may reinforc...
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Gold price stability near its lowest level in three weeks
Mohamed Wahed 11 يناير 2022
      P rices of gold settled today, Monday, near its lowest level in three weeks, as traders awaited the US inflation data for December, wh...
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He made thousands of dollars.. an American made cryptocurrency through his car computer
Mohamed Wahed 10 يناير 2022
A young American man managed to mine cryptocurrency using the computer in his Tesla car. Siraj Rafal told CNBC that he owns a Tesla Model 3 ...
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Brent contracts breach $ 80 a barrel, up after the OPEC meeting
Mohamed Wahed 05 يناير 2022
The oil group plans to increase production by 400,000 barrels per day in February Oil futures extended gains, with global benchmark Brent cr...
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Elon Musk earns $32 billion in one day
Mohamed Wahed 04 يناير 2022
Forbes magazine reported that Elon Musk's fortune increased in one day by $32 billion, to $304.2 billion. The data of Forbes' billio...
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Billionaires are changing their vision of cryptocurrencies.. the erosion of the value of money is their new philosophy
Mohamed Wahed 03 يناير 2022
After Thomas Peterffy published a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal in 2017 warning of the risks that bitcoin futures posed to capital...
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Tesla recalls 475,000 cars over multiple problems
Mohamed Wahed 02 يناير 2022
More than 475,000 Tesla cars were recalled last week due to problems with the hood on one model and the backup camera on another model. Abou...
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99% of Bitcoin is managed by whales and institutions
abdelghany 28 ديسمبر 2021
  According to data from The Block, whales and institutions account for almost the entire transaction volume of Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC). What ...
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Single-family home sales recorded in Sonoma County for the week of November 1. seven
abdelghany 21 ديسمبر 2021
  One hundred and twenty-eight single family homes sold in Sonoma County during the week of November. 7 priced from $ 167,000 to $ 6.3 milli...
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