RYAN GARCIA Attack EMMANUEL TAGOE in powerful match

 RYAN GARCIA Attack EMMANUEL TAGOE in powerful match

RYAN GARCIA Attack EMMANUEL TAGOE in powerful match

Many wondered about the fate of the rematch for the brilliant Ryan Garcia,

 Everyone was asking what it would be like to return Ryan Garcia against Emmanuel Tago,

 How will he raise the right hand that was surgically treated a short time ago?

Ryan Garcia has been missing for about 15 months, and because it is clear to Ali Al-Ouda's fans,

It seems that the hand of the right hand is as good now as it has always been,

 Ryan Garcia, 23, dominated the match from the second round to the end of the last match bell and smashed the victory.

Garcia (22-0, 18 KOs) is out looking to banish Tago in the first round. He hits the body with his patented left hook and throws his right arm. Garcia nearly put him away the second he stopped him in his path with a right, and Tago stuck. They came out of the snail, and Garcia threw a short right that made the Tago spin and fall on the canvas. Since he was the subject of the remainder of the fight, Tago stuck out to stay alive.

Garcia continued to assert his dominance and tried to banish Tago. Keep chasing Tago, left hook landed and top right. But Tajo showed a good chin and knew when to hold on to Garcia.

There was one last chance for Garcia to shut down the show to a frantic audience. During the tenth round, Right Tagoy wiggled the ropes. Garcia went for everything but Tago's credit, grabbed and clung to Garcia, who went 12 rounds for the first time.

The obvious question now is what's next for Garcia? Much of the talk revolved around a superhero fight between Garcia and Gervonta "Tank" Davis. However, Garcia didn't commit to this being his next outing as he didn't want to disappoint fans.

"In the past, I've always been those callouts," Garcia said. "But, I've grown and matured, and I'm going to let my team handle it. And when it works, it's like that. But as of now, I'm going to trust my team, and we'll move forward."

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