F1 - disaster for Ferrari in Australian GP qualifying

 F1 - disaster for Ferrari in Australian GP qualifying

F1 - disaster for Ferrari in Australian GP qualifying

After beating Red Bull's Max Verstappen, Sainz will start in the fifth row after a disaster in the third quarter.

The Spaniard was approaching the end of his first lap when the race red flags caused by Fernando Alonso's Turn 11 deflections meant he was unable to set a lap.

Where problems launching his F1-75 after a stop left racer Sainz unable to complete slow laps on the track to fetch the soft tyres,

 Which made him struggle to "freeze cold tires".

He felt that he was fighting for first place in the race,

 Sainz turns into a frustrated character on the track after the lap,

 As Sky said:

Everything that could have gone wrong has already happened to me.

And he also continued:

I'm so angry because we shouldn't see all these problems at first, it's a disaster.

Sainz went on to explain his problem in detail, saying:

It's in the third quarter we had a red flag when I was in good shape,

Then on the second lap of the third quarter, we investigate what happened because the engine didn't start, so I came out three minutes late on the start plan - and that's where the disaster was being late which resulted in a huge loss.

The contestant also completed his speech by saying:

"We need two laps to run the tires and I couldn't do both laps so I started the course with freezing cold tyres and from there the lap on the cold tyres got really bad. I almost hit twice and you can't put a lap together.

“It is very unfortunate that these two issues were in my Q3 tour. You can imagine the anger I feel inside me now.

Sainz admitted that the decision to remove the DRS from the Albert Park Circuit was the "worst case scenario possible for me" and will make recovery efforts more difficult at the weekend as the midfield group looks tight.

"We will remain resolute, tomorrow is a day to try to move forward for sure," he added.

"But at the same time, the midfield is a lot tighter this weekend, the midfield is closer to everyone and we don't have the speed advantage we had in Bahrain or elsewhere, so it will be a tough race going forward."

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