“We were left alone to be slaughtered” .. a Ukrainian cry in light of the abandonment of the West


In a tone filled with sadness and sorrow, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that his country was "left alone" in the face of Russia, asking, "Who is ready to fight with us? I don't see anyone."

As the Ukrainian president asked, during a speech earlier, saying: "Who is ready to guarantee Ukraine's membership in NATO? Answering, "Everyone is afraid," at a time when NATO indicated that it would not send troops to support Ukraine.

The language of criticism and blame for the West has become prevalent in Ukraine, where Zelensky considered that the sanctions imposed on Russia were "insufficient".

Since the beginning of the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, Western countries have supported Kiev, but they have announced that they will not send forces to confront the Russian army and that they will counter Moscow's move through an unprecedented package of sanctions.

Unfollow all world leaders

In the wake of anger and blame from the West, the Ukrainian president unfollowed all the world's presidents and leaders on Twitter; In reference to confronting the invasion of Russia alone, according to local reports in Ukraine.

And the account of the President of Ukraine appeared with “zero” follow-ups, as Zelensky canceled the accounts of all world leaders, according to the account data.

Analysts considered the move as a message from the Ukrainian president that he did not feel the desired support from his Western allies in the European Union and the United States, and that he is facing the Russian invasion alone.

"There has been a case of strategic narcissism in the West, a failure to appreciate the passion, ideology and ambition that drives Putin and the security services around him," says retired General Herbert McMaster, a former US national security adviser under former President Donald Trump.

He adds that Putin's all-out attack on Ukraine has put the West in a very vulnerable position, as it seeks ways to deter Kremlin aggression and influence a Russian leader who has openly expressed contempt for the West and raised doubts about his willingness to take decisive action, the Wall Street Journal reported.

And he added: "Ukraine is now bearing the costs of the West's failure to deter Russia, which for 14 years has been in a state of strategic suffering in order to obtain NATO membership."

Just guns

After provoking Russia to fight its war against Ukraine, Western countries were satisfied with the latter's support of Kiev with weapons.

In a statement, Britain and the United States announced their agreement with 25 countries to provide Ukraine with more weapons in the context of the ongoing fighting with Russia.

The Czech government has agreed to send weapons and ammunition worth 188 million kroner ($8.57 million) to help Ukraine.

The shipment includes automatic weapons, assault rifles and other light weapons, which will be delivered by the Czech side to a location chosen by Ukraine.

In the United States, US President Joe Biden signed a memorandum providing $600 million in immediate military aid to Ukraine, according to the German News Agency.

Biden vowed again Washington's support for the Ukrainian president as Russia continues its offensive against Ukraine.

As for French President Emmanuel Macron, he announced the provision of defense equipment to Ukraine, in addition to additional aid amounting to 300 million euros.

While the Netherlands will deliver to Ukraine 200 "Stinger" air defense missiles, 50 Panzervost-3 anti-tank weapons and 400 missiles.

As for Germany, it will send 400 RPG launchers, 1,000 anti-tank missiles and 500 Stinger surface-to-air missiles.

The reason why NATO refused

Commenting, Nabil Rashwan, a specialist in Russian affairs, says that NATO is expanding at the expense of powers, and Russia has the right to defend itself.

He added, in statements to "Sky News Arabia", that Ukraine and NATO rejected Putin's requests, so he took military action in Ukraine.

He added that there will be no military intervention from the West against Russia, and this is very unlikely, and any military action that may ignite a third world war, the world is indispensable.

And he added, "Just as Europe is not ready for military intervention, it is a continent crowded with countries, and any missile strike may hit one of its countries."

The weapon of sanctions is an alternative to war

Western countries have also been satisfied with imposing a painful package of sanctions on Russia that paves the way for a severe blow to the Russian economy, as an alternative to military intervention.

Washington announced sanctions on a group of Russian institutions, and ordered all US banks to close any accounts they have with these entities within a month.

It also subjected the 10 largest Russian financial institutions to sanctions, and about 90 affiliated institutions, as well as some vital companies to the sanctions.

Washington said its sanctions target about 80 percent of all banking assets in Russia and will have a deep and long-term impact on the Russian economy and financial system.

It also announced imposing sanctions on a number of Russian officials, led by President Vladimir Putin, his Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov.

Washington has sanctioned 24 people and entities in Belarus for their support of the Moscow attack.

European Union leaders agreed to impose new sanctions on Russia's financial services, energy and transportation sectors and impose export restrictions, in addition to adding more Russians to blacklists.

These sanctions include the financial sector, the energy and transportation sectors, civil and military dual-use goods, export controls, export financing, visa policy, additional lists of Russian individuals, and new listing criteria.

Japan, Canada, and others also imposed a package of sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

"We were left as sacrifices to be slaughtered"

In the context of criticizing the West and its position on the war on Ukraine, Ukraine's ambassador to Germany Andrei Melnik directed sharp criticism at Berlin, accusing it of "coldness and indifference" after Russia's attack on his country.

Melnik says: "Every request for our help has now been simply refused. It's so sad, I can't understand: how can you

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