The Raptors are already thinking about the playoffs. It's never too early


The NBA playoffs are more than two months away from us, and there's a lot of good and bad that's going to happen every now and then. Nothing can be guaranteed.

But it is always best to prepare as soon as possible In subtle and candid ways, the Raptors take steps to be as prepared as possible when the post-season unfolds.

Forget for a minute how they lowered the spin to level seven or eight in qualifying, and how they act.

Think about the things they demand from their best players, and how they train them for their post-season cauldron. 

This is the most important part of the long-term plan.

“It's not just about playing through the strikes It's like just getting the ball,” said Nick Norris, head coach, on Sunday as the Raptors prepared to face the Hornets in Charlotte on Monday night. 

“Suddenly, just opening up in different places and getting the ball, It becomes a kind of physical fight, lower body and upper body.

“You fight for center, you fight for openness, you use your legs, you use your broad base, you use your strength, all of those things. So only being stronger and more physical always helps.

The Raptors spend their scant time training to deal with the physical nature of the game. 

The nurse said he was working with OG Anunoby on Sunday to deal with the swarming double teams, the grappling hands, and the chaos that make play-offs so difficult and so special. 

It's impossible to fully replicate this in practice, but realizing this happens and being strong in games will pay off in the long run.

"We're trying to improve our toolbox a little bit," star guard Fred Vanfleet said Sunday. 

“I think it helps a lot because we've been in some really physical matches Often the physics in games dictate.

"There's not a lot of calls being made. 

You have to be able to adapt and adapt Just having a lot of different scenarios and circumstances and adversities that you have to go through as a team, I think that makes you better in the long run, and we've seen our share of that even." Now this year.

Specifically, the nurse and staff are demanding more of Pascal Siakam and Anonobi, the most prominent job threats to the team. 

They don't want any of them to reach out and complain about it; Don't do anything to anyone. 

What the nurse wants is for them to fight back, finish their games despite being hit, and move on to the next acquisition.

They want them to play basketball in the supplement now.

"I think in playoffs, the hits come in on a regular basis and they don't get called," said a nurse. 

"I think it's more of a case, yes, we would like to understand and learn some little techniques...there are things to work out there. 

But for now, I'm just trying to tell him: stay balanced and stay calm, and try to fuel yourself with some of those things".

Shortening the rotation to playoff level — and with the trading deadline on Thursday, that could change — is another way the Raptors seem to be starting. 

It would be great for legions that don't think eight-man play is sustainable, if they want to expand the rotation to 10 or even 11. 

But if the idea is to win, build up your Chemistry and get ready when the time comes, the last spell will help out massively in late April and may.

"We haven't had that experience together," VanVleet said. “We have experience with players who have played a little in the qualifiers. 

We have guys who have not played at all. We have a mixture of both.

"One thing I can say is a plus (is) that even with all the injuries we've had, five, six, seven players have played a lot of minutes together.

"You can feel the growth and the way things came together, the connection and some collections and readings that we don't have to think about that much anymore".

All this will be of vital importance in the matches.

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