The Google Podcasts app is now available for Android and iPhone

Google Podcasts

Google today launched a new app called Google Podcasts for Android devices, which allows users to listen to their favorite podcast episodes across different Android devices.

Google said on its official blog that Google Podcasts makes it easier for Android users to explore and listen to the best podcasts, and that it has cooperated with many experts to support diversity in creating podcasts, and relied on artificial intelligence techniques to improve the user experience.

Through the new Google Podcasts application, Android users can listen to and subscribe to any podcast program to follow new episodes, including popular podcasts such as The Daily. 

The Bill Simmons Podcast, Modern Love and many other programs, and Google said that it uses artificial intelligence techniques in its new application to present Better recommendations for the user depending on their listening habits, as the application learns about the interests of the user, whether sports, crime, technology or podcasts from a specific news network.

And Google Podcasts features by synchronizing the podcast episodes that he hears across different devices, so that he can continue listening to an episode from another device, and the application is also integrated with various Google products, where the user can listen to a podcast on the way home and then complete it through the Google Home headset when Arriving home.

This is in addition to the integration with the Google Assistant, so that the user can voice search for and listen to favorite podcasts or discover new podcasts.

Google said that its new Google Podcasts application will provide, in the coming months, the feature of displaying podcast text in real time, so that the user can read if he has a hearing impairment or is in a noisy area and does not have headphones.

Relying on speech-to-text technology and Google Translate, the app will provide live podcast translations in a wide variety of languages, allowing more users to listen to podcasts.

Google is working on an initiative to support diversity in podcast production, where the company's research showed that only 25 percent of podcasters are female, and only a few of them are of color, which prompted Google to form an independent advisory body to boost podcast production.

The Google Podcasts application is now available for free download for users of Android devices through the Google Play Store, and the application offers an important feature that has been absent much from Android devices compared to iOS devices.

and Google has not yet revealed its plans to provide its new podcast application for iPhone phones. The Google Podcasts application is now available for download as well. For iOS users (iPhone and iPad) for free through the Apple App Store.

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