The day before her 50th birthday, surfing superstar Kelly Slater won the Billabong Pro Pipeline in Hawaii.

 The day before her 50th birthday, surfing superstar Kelly Slater won the Billabong Pro Pipeline in Hawaii.

The day before her 50th birthday, surfing superstar Kelly Slater won the Billabong Pro Pipeline in Hawaii.

On the third day of the Winter Olympics, America's biggest victory may not be the wreckage of a Chinese train, but the heat of the Banzai Pipeline, thousands of miles from Hawaii.

The victory reached the legendary Kelly Slater, 50. Slater defeated runners under the age of half to win the Billabong Pro Pipeline at Oahu's famous House Reef, one of the biggest sports events.

Now back on top, Slater is starting to consider retirement. Obviously there are no staff. Please think about it. Slater asked his friend Tom Brady for advice on how to recreate an athlete named GOAT.

"It would be interesting if it happened that week," Slater told the Associated Press about leaving after Brady's announcement. "We'll see what happens. I don't know if I'm done or really losing weight. I think it is good for the fans. increasing.

When he leaves, he plans to retire: surfing. "Anyone who stopped sailing, they would swim," he said.

Not everyone wins that way. Slater was the youngest world champion when he won at the age of 20. He was also the oldest when he won the tournament at the age of 39. He finished his last game at the age of 40. Interest also became a pseudonym and earned the title of eleven international countries. His win of the weekend was his eighth victory in the World Surf League circuit in Banzai. It also marked his 56th victory.

To complete his overall victory, he defeated 24-year-old Hawaii expert Seth Muniz. Slater returned to Muniz's father, Tony, whom he had seen when he woke up and arrived. The most touching moment of the day came when he hugged Seth Moniz Slater, in tears after the victory. Muniz said, "Following him is an honor. A few days later, Slater seems to have won it, and 22-year-old Baron is Pip's favorite. It only takes a few seconds for the partition to collect magic waves and warm up to go.

These are some of their best experiences as well as good luck for the future. "I mean, I think it's about dancing. As you grow up, you get more experience instead of aging. He adds: “I am 50 years old, but I have lived in this lake for almost 40 years, and I hope I can take advantage of the opportunities that I have had here before.

But he could not even believe in victory.

He says don't explain, don't tell. "It's a promise of life and everything, it is done at the same time. I can't compare it to anything."

Repeating the waves, he saw this popular game explode. This win comes just six months after the first appearance of the surf. Like a real sports star, some like to show off, others resist.

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