real madrid - granada

 real madrid - granada

Real Madrid vs. Granada, Live stream, start time, how to watch

Karim Benzema and Real Madrid will meet on Sunday at 15:00 in Granada. La Liga fans can now watch on ESPN +, available on smart TVs and gamers via the ESPN app.

Benzema led Real Madrid with 17 goals and 7 assists. Jorge Molina scored seven goals for Granada.

Real Madrid are leading and Granada in 16th place. Real Madrid vs Granada (League) as you can see

What time does the game start? Can you see it on TV? Sunday's game starts at 15:00. EST for Americans. However, this game will not air on traditional television channels for American viewers. However, fans can watch through ESPN +, available through the ESPN app on smart TVs and players. Live Streaming Options: ESPN + - The game will not be shown on TV, but will be broadcast on ESPN + in English and Spanish. This is a separate service from regular ESPN and requires a separate subscription for $ 5.99 per month. Fans can sign up for ESPN + here.


Leicester defended Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup fourth round and were delayed by the return of Wilfried Nadidi and Keretjenak to the Africa Cup of Nations. However, Nefless Mendi was absent from Cameroon along with the Senegalese team in the final of Sunday's Battle of Egypt. Wesley Popana, Jamie Buddy, Johnny Evans, Timothy Castan and Ricardo Pereira were injured. Second Forrest fell at Arsenal last month. Liverpool new signing Luis Dias can only sit in one seat during his trip to Cardiff. Jurgen Kropp's students have already reached the final this season. Chelsea await the League Cup summit on 27 February. Birhamwood expects a tough game in Bournemouth.


Barcelona are 4th in the Spanish league and 1st in the Champions League against Atlético de Madrid. Sabi Hernandez has joined the Barcelona coaching staff despite Ousmane Dembele's refusal to sign a new contract or move to a new club on the winter transfer market. Pierre-Emerick Obameyan and Adam Traoré, who have signed for Barcelona, ​​will be able to make their debut against Athletics. The Real Madrid striker put Granada and Real Betis in third place in the match against Villarreal. Midfielder Geobunny Lo Serso will be able to make his Villarreal debut after signing for Tottenham. Real Sociedad tried to stop the descent in Valencia. The Basque Country have only won one of their last eight league games.


Paris-led Paris Saint-Germain had something to prove during his visit to defending champion Lille last year when he lost in the north and drew without a single goal. Paris Saint-Germain led with 10 points ahead of Marseille in second place and 11 points for third place in Nice, led by the Clermont match. Lille improved after a bad start to the season, but in the middle of the match she had 30 goals in 22 matches, seven more than last season. Paris Saint-Germain loses striker Maur Icardi with a minor leg injury. He was ineffective in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France and did poorly against Nice. 

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