Download now.. the original Minecraft game, the new version

Minecraft game

Download now.. the original Minecraft game, the new version

Minecraft is one of the most popular and very interesting games, which are very suitable for different age groups, especially children, because it works on developing the skills of children and adults, just all that is required of the players, assembling blocks that are sand, bricks, iron, trees and a lot of materials Which is used in construction, where the player buys materials that make him build his own house to take shelter at night from monsters and zombies attacks, and the game was developed through the Java language by Swedish programmer Markus Persson in 2009, and he created Mojang for programming before That Microsoft purchased the company that owns the game, and we will now tell you how to download Minecraft.

Minecraft is a survival game, and the player has to collect blocks that are used in construction quickly and build a special place for the player to take refuge in at night.

and this is to protect against enemies, animals and zombie attacks, and the game has a creativity mode that makes you access all the resources and items in the game Through the inventory menu, the destiny can be switched to fly freely or walk around the world, and the game has a scene mode, which allows the player to enter the cubes to watch long gameplay without direct interaction.

First of all, make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on on your device.

Click on the search box and write the name of the game Minecraft.

The game will appear at first, and those who want to get it have to pay $5 to install the game with the free games.

The game is then loaded, your player file can be created and the game can begin.

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