After the production of electricity from the Renaissance Dam, a message from Abi Ahmed to the Egyptians

Abi Ahmed


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed congratulated his people on the launch of the first phase of electricity production from the Renaissance Dam, stressing that "the dam will benefit all African brothers, including the Sudanese and Egyptians," according to what the "Russia Today" network reported.

The Prime Minister posted on his official page on the social networking site "Twitter", saying: "Today, the first turbine in the Renaissance Dam, the largest power plant in Africa, began generating electricity."

"This step is good news for our continent and the downstream countries that we aspire to work with," he added.

He concluded his post by saying, "As Ethiopia celebrates the birth of a new era, I congratulate all citizens."

According to the Ethiopian News Agency, Abi Ahmed stressed that "the water flows to Sudan and Egypt as usual, while it generates electricity for the Ethiopian people who do not want the starvation and thirst of the people of Sudan and Egypt," as the Prime Minister stated this at the opening ceremony of the partial start of power generation in the dam.

On this occasion, he stressed that "the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will benefit all African brothers and sisters, including the Sudanese and Egyptians."

According to him, Ethiopia "does not want to harm anyone. The state's goal is to use energy for its huge population that has never seen electricity before and to alleviate poverty."

He pointed out that "what the whole world wants to know is that water is flowing into Sudan and Egypt as usual."

He added, "This is happening accompanied by force and generation, and we have applied today what the Ethiopian people and their government say reassuringly that they do not want the starvation and thirst of the people of Sudan and Egypt."

He continued, "Today, the first turbines of the largest power station in Africa have started generating energy," and stressed that "this is good news for our continent as well as for the downstream countries that we aspire to work with."

The Prime Minister revealed that "Ethiopia's desire regarding the dam is not only to produce and use energy and benefit neighboring countries, but also to export energy to Europe to reduce gas emissions that affect the environment."

He explained that "the country has heavy rains and many rivers that enable it to build many dams and benefit other countries."

The Prime Minister asked the Western world and those who have the financing to "cooperate with Ethiopia in building a new project by changing the existing water policies to ensure mutual benefit".

Today, Sunday, Ethiopia officially opened the process of generating electric power from the Renaissance Dam, in the presence of a number of officials and ministers, led by Prime Minister Abi Ahmed. The total construction works of the dam amounted to more than 80%.

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