A great nation's success story


Germany surrendered to the allies led by the United States of America in 1945 AD and it was the wreck of a state.

The people were in a state of frustration and complete collapse, houses and even entire cities were flattened, including schools, libraries and hospitals.

The Allied forces took with them factories and machinery and completely destroyed the rest of the infrastructure.

The people were women, children and old people. The idea of ​​suicide spread at that time, then the idea of ​​rising from scratch led by women in the complete absence of the government.

In these circumstances, the women and the elderly began collecting rubble to rebuild houses and collecting books and papers from under the rubble to open schools. They wrote slogans on the remains of the broken walls that inspire hope and urge action:

  • Don't wait for your right.
  • Do what you can.
  • Sow hope before wheat.

The period between the years (1945 AD) to (1955 AD) was a phase of reconstruction, with hope and belief in making success.

Official holidays were abolished and an additional working hour was added called:

An hour for Germany.

The women are called:

  • The women of the destroyed buildings.

 In the year 1954 AD, (Germany) won the World Cup and the players' toes were sticking out of their worn out shoes.

The period from (1955 AD) to (1965 AD) was the stage of building factories. (Turkish) workers were brought in for reconstruction, and they wrote a slogan for the work:

  • Seriousness + hope.

From 1965 to 1975, capitals and businessmen appeared. 

Each businessman sponsored fifty young men and women, educating and training them to build and advance the nation. 

Everyone's mission was to spread hope and insistence on development, progress and presence among the advanced nations...

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