Russian media: Civilians were killed in Ukraine's bombing of the "Luhansk" lands




The Russian Sputnik agency said that two people were killed as a result of Ukraine's bombing of the territory of the (unilaterally declared) Luhansk People's Republic.

The Luhansk Republic said that it recorded 9 violations by the Kiev forces of the Minsk agreements, in which 120 mm shells were used, and added: 

"As a result, two civilians from the republic were killed, and an apartment building was completely destroyed."

And Luhansk People's Republic police spokesman, Ivan Filipunenko, said late on Sunday that at least three civilians were wounded in the bombing of the Ukrainian army.

He added that a total of 66 violations of the ceasefire regime were recorded by Kiev forces during the past 24 hours.

He noted that Ukrainian militants fired on 24 residential areas of the republic. 

Weapons prohibited in the Minsk agreements are also used.

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