Washington asks its citizens at the US Embassy in Ukraine to leave the country


In a statement, the US State Department ordered family members of its government employees at the US Embassy in Ukraine to leave the country.

Separately, the department has allowed non-essential employees to leave amid growing fears of a possible Russian invasion, the US State Department said in a statement on Sunday.

On January 23, 2022, the State Department authorized the voluntary departure of directly assigned U.S. personnel 

and ordered the departure of family members from the Kyiv Embassy, ​​due to the continued threat of Russian military action.

And the US State Department confirmed in its statement that local employees and non-essential employees can leave the embassy if they wish.

She said US citizens residing in Ukraine should "now consider" leaving the country by commercial flights or other means of transportation.

"The security situation, especially along the Ukrainian border, in Russian-occupied Crimea and in Russian-controlled Donetsk, is unpredictable and could deteriorate at any time," the statement said.

The State Department warned that "U.S. nationals in Ukraine should be aware that any Russian military operation anywhere in Ukraine would seriously affect the U.S. 

Embassy's ability to provide consular services, including assistance to American citizens leaving Ukraine".

The department called on the American community in Ukraine to see "what the U.S. government can and cannot do to help you during a crisis overseas."

The US State Department has also advised citizens not to travel to Ukraine due to the possibility of a Russian attack.

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