Video and nothing strange.. fish falling from the sky


The town of Texarkana, Texas, witnessed a strange environmental phenomenon, where fish fell from the sky in a phenomenon called "animal rain".

Residents of the town, located near the border between Texas and Arkansas, took to social media to document the rare event, as videos revealed fish scattered everywhere, according to local channel KFSM-TV.

This phenomenon occurs when small animals drift into streams, which is formed when storm clouds rotate to form a hurricane-like column of moving, cloudy winds over a body of water.

Also, streams can form over anything, from ponds to lakes to oceans, according to the Library of Congress website

which has published several similar articles on the phenomenon such as raining frogs and fish in the sky.

The site said, a common misconception about water plumes is that they "rise from the sea" when they actually form in the air, and then descend to the surface of the water.

Once considered a "mature storm," a watershed creates a vortex that can absorb air, water, and solid objects in the storm.


It is reported that similar incidents were reported where frogs were seen falling from the sky. And in 2017, a fish fell from the sky over an elementary school in California.

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