These people never get corona.. scientific evidence reveals


Despite the spread of the Corona virus mutants terribly around the world, thousands of people have not been infected with the virus.

This issue has become intriguing, especially since the lack of infection for some is offset by the infection of many who received the vaccine twice 

and even received booster doses of vaccination, according to data from the National Statistics Office in Britain.

Is it just luck? Or some kind of superpower?

Scientists may have an answer to this, as there has recently been increasing evidence that some people are naturally resistant to corona, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

However, he pointed out that there are reasons that are not fully understood for not being infected, while it is believed that these people are already immune to the virus, and they did not remain so even while it mutated.

To understand this phenomenon, scientists at University College London studied blood samples from hundreds of health care workers, who did not have corona, to understand what was happening.

They weren't hurt at all

An example of these people who have never contracted the virus despite working among infected people is the 34-year-old nurse

Lisa Stockwell, who worked for most of the year 2020 receiving people with corona, while her colleagues who work with her were infected, while she remained far from infection. !

In the context, the nurse explained that she expected to get a positive test result of infection with corona, but she did not catch the infection, and she 

“does not know if she has a strong immune system” or the reason is due to something else she does not know.

Nassim Foroughi, 46, a nurse at Bartholomew's Hospital in central London, lived a similar story, as her blood tests last year showed no trace of the virus in her body.

No antibodies

In parallel, when University of California, London researchers examined the blood of health care workers, they confirmed the absence of antibodies to the Corona virus 

which means that they are unlikely to have contracted the infection.

Scientists hope to find answers to the questions on their minds to help them create an anti-vaccine that can fight Corona and its variants.

They also look for possible genetic differences that may make some people immune to infection and not others!

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