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The singer Ronettes and the top icon of the girl group Ronnie Spector died at the age of 78

The singer Ronettes and the top icon of the girl group Ronnie Spector died at the age of 78

The singer Ronettes and the top icon of the girl group Ronnie Spector died at the age of 78

Ronnie Spector, the leader of the women's group Ronettes and the voice behind the immortal classics such as "Be My Baby" and "Walking in the Rain", 
died Wednesday after a brief battle with cancer. He is 78 years old.

"Ronnie lived his life with a flash of eyes, a brave attitude, a bad sense of humor and a smile on his face," his family said in a statement. 
"She was full of love and gratitude. His cheerful voice, playful nature and magical presence will remain with everyone who knows, hears or sees him. 
The Ronettes were the usual work in a female band in the early 1960s, and the voice of Spectors and Sandpaper sang all of their songs. Last year, "Be My Baby", 
the genre defining the song, was ranked 22nd on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 best songs of all time.

"All the musicians dropped everything they could, their horns and guitars, and looked at this new girl in town," Spector recalls in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2016. "All the musicians shouted, 'Oh, my God. His voice! His voice!' ' And I said, 'Me?' A little girl from Harlem, Spain? ""

The huge success of "Be My Baby" in the summer of 1963 made Ronettes a superstar and caused many waves in the pop landscape. 
"I was driving [when I first heard it] and I had to park on the side of the road - it scared me," Brian Wilson said in 2013. 
"I felt like I was trying to do something good. and I never did. I stopped trying. This is the biggest record ever set. No one can beat it.

Ronettes themselves tried to catch up with him, even though the following year they had a series of successes that brought them to England, where they performed with the Rolling Stones. The band also recorded "Baby, I Love You", "Walking in the Rain",
 "(The Best Part of) Breakin Up" and "Do I Love You".

"I just heard the news about Ronnie Spector and I don't know what to say," Wilson said in a statement shortly after the news of his death became known. 
"I really like his voice and he's a very special man and dear friend. It broke my heart. Ronnies' music and spirit will live on forever."

"She will have her own place in history because there was no one like her," said Darlene Love, who originally worked for Spector, Rolling Stone. "When I first met her in 1964, it was the little thing - it reminded me of a little Barbie doll. But he has a great voice. The way he sings and performs on stage is rock & roll.

Phil Spector, who recorded all the hits with Ronnie in 1963, recorded all the hits with the band. They married in 1968 and divorced in 1972. In her 1990 memoirs,
 Be My Baby wrote that her relationship with Spector was marked by years of terrible violence and abuse. "As I've said many times in his life, he's a good producer, but a bad person,"
 he said shortly after his death last year. "It's a shame Phil can't live and move outside the recording studio. Darkness has come, many lives have been ruined. I always smile every time I hear our music. It's composed together and I always do." Music can be forever.

Veronica Yvette Bennett grew up in New York and began singing with her sister Estelle and her cousin Nedra Talley as children. 
They even called themselves Darling Sisters and performed in the city when they attended George Washington High School. 
After several unsuccessful singles, Phil Spector signed them and immediately began writing songs, mainly in his own voice.
 "When I saw him do the recording studio,
 I knew I was working with the best," he said. "He has complete control, in the foreground. There's so much fun these days."

In 1964, the band traveled to England to perform a series of performances with the Rolling Stones the following year. "It's a bunch of messy-looking guys," Rolling Stone said in 2016. "But I love them and I love Keith so much because I like his rough appearance. he is there. "

"They can sing through a sound wall," 
Richards said of the bands that were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. "I do not need anything."

The success of the invasion of British bands such as the Stones and The Beatles led to the loss of fans of bands such as Ronettes. And then Ronettes

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