Russia responds to US attempts to "blackmail and intimidate"


    Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stressed that US attempts to blackmail and intimidate his country are unacceptable and will not lead to the desired outcome.

    During a press conference held today, Monday, at the conclusion of Russian-American negotiations on security guarantees in Geneva, Ryabkov said: "We always hear about a price... that Russia will have to pay if it applies or does not apply what these people want. They treat as if history does not teach them anything. Such talk is totally unacceptable to us and it will not give them the result they desire through these attempts at ultimatums, blackmail and intimidation."

    He continued: "I understand that in addition to sanctions and blackmail, there is not much left in the arsenal of the West modern foreign policy. Moreover, the ability to reach agreements is being lost, but we will try to restore it or even implant this ability."

    Today, Geneva hosted 7.5 hours of negotiations between Russia and the United States on the security guarantees, headed by the Russian demand side to NATO to ensure that it does not expand to the east, which the US side absolutely rejects.

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    The Russian-Western negotiations come on the back of persistent allegations by NATO members and the authorities in Kiev about Russia's build-up of its forces near Ukrainian borders and repeated warnings by the alliance that Moscow will launch "any new aggression" on Ukrainian lands and "pay a heavy price" for any similar move.

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