One cooking mistake that makes losing weight harder


Eating healthy food and exercising regularly are two important steps in a person's quest to lose weight

If you cook well-balanced meals, pay attention to how much you eat and make sure that you are getting enough required nutrients, then you are definitely on the right track.

But there is a fatal mistake that you can make that will keep you away from your weight loss goals. We will learn about this mistake in the following lines.

Use a lot of oil

Most foods require the addition of cooking oils as the main ingredient and doing so can lead to a deceptive calorie increase that makes it difficult to maintain weight loss.

Health expert Jenny Branco advised to consider the following oils you might use daily, including processed vegetable oils, canola oil and soybean oil.

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"One of the common cooking mistakes that makes losing weight more difficult is cooking with refined oils that oxidize," Branco added.

She adds that these inflammatory oils can "damage cell membranes and cause an imbalance in your blood sugar and prevent you from losing weight."

"These oils are sources of a lot of calories and fat which may make your meals taste a little better, but in the end they are not very satiating given how calorie dense they are

nor do they provide a lot of nutrients," said Dr. Josh Axe, Dietitian.

What do you cook instead?

Instead of using processed oils in your foods, experts recommend using "healthy fats" including "avocado oil, farmer's butter and coconut oil for cooking."

Dietitian Lisa Richards explained that the use of oil in the cooking process can be replaced with water or low-calorie sauces.

She added, "Most vegetables can be sautéed with water instead of oil which leaves your food low in calories because you haven't provided unnecessary calories from the oil".

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