Omicron empties store shelves in the United States


The COVID-19 outbreak continues to disrupt supply chains as many stores in the United States face shortages.

Justin Ton says the situation is "not as dire as it was last Sunday, but there are still a lot of shelves empty".

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He added that for consecutive days, there were no fruits or vegetables in this supermarket, not even in other supermarkets, describing the situation as catastrophic.

For her part, 60-year-old Clara lamented that some spices were still missing and said, "A few days ago, it was impossible to find yeast to make candy bars."

In other stores, it is honey, eggs, milk or meat that has disappeared from the shelves.

As for Washington and the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia, snowfall has exacerbated the problem of frequent shortages since the beginning of the pandemic.

At the beginning of the epidemic, and for fear of running out, there was a rush on some products such as toilet paper, which caused a shortage in their supply, but “this time it is completely different.

And the agency "AFP" indicated that a large number of employees in the food production chain are sick or in quarantine, which completely disrupts the supply chain. 

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