NASA announces an important discovery about the planet Super Neptune


NASA .. Scientists monitor water vapor in the atmosphere of Super Neptune

The American space agency "NASA" revealed the detection of "water vapor" in the atmosphere of the planet Super Neptune, which bears the scientific name "TOI-674 b".

This planet, discovered in 2009, is larger than the planet "Neptune" and it revolves around a red dwarf star at a distance of about 150 light years, where one light year is equivalent to about 10 trillion km.

Scientists have detected water vapor in the atmosphere of this planet, which generates many questions that still need answers and investigations in more depth.

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NASA indicates that the size of the planet and its relationship to its star make it available to telescopes in space, as it is considered somewhat "close" in astronomical terms, as they can at later stages determine how much water vapor is carried by the atmosphere of this planet.

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