Mother Throws Daughter Into Bear Pen, But Bear Refuses To Hurt Her (Video)


A woman in the Uzbek capital Tashkent threw her daughter into a bear enclosure at the city zoo, but the monsters refused to attack her.

And social media released a video of a woman throwing a little girl over the iron fence separating visitors and the bear enclosure, unstoppable by visitors, the service said. zoo press releases via its channel on the “Telegram” Platform.

The woman insisted on throwing her baby away, although visitors and security guards tried to stop her, but they failed in this matter.

The strange thing is that one of the predatory bears refused to attack and harm the child, and only approached her and smelled her, so he approached away from her slowly as if he didn't want to scare her, and when he moved away from her, the zoo staff distracted him, until they could get into the fence and save the girl who was seriously injured when she fell in the barn.

And the media reported that the garden had covered the costs of the girl's treatment, while the competent authorities had opened a criminal file as part of the investigation into the accident.

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