AJ McKee has conquered the cage

and now champion Bellator tells TMZ Sports he

wouldn't hesitate to spend time in a boxing ring against arguably the 2 greatest combat

sports athletes in the world. Floyd Mayweather.

Conor McGregor. We spoke to the undefeated

26-year-old MMA star at Jake Paul Tyron Woodley's boxing match in Tampa

and asked AJ all about his career in combat sports.

First of all on boxing. “I want to test my skills against some of the best

and that's why I've always called out Floyd.

It's not like, 'Oh, I want to beat Floyd.' I want to

test my scrum skills with one of the best melee athletes,

"McKee said. Then we asked about McGregor ...

and AJ says he's going to box the Irish superstar or whoever else.

" I am down for anyone.
Be a champion and see where the way is. But other than the UFC,

Bellator, ONE, PFL promotions,

who's the best 145 pounds on the planet?

McKee says his main goal is to find out ...

if that means fighting guys like Brian Ortega, Max Holloway,

and Alexander Volkanovski. "Submit the contract, bro. I'll sign it.

Cross-promotion, all the promotions, backyard

bullying stuff. I'm just fighting. I like to fight, aside from the money,

the fame, weight, that's clearly not what I'm doing it for.

"It's just to be the best athlete in the world and I know I'm the

best 145 pounds in the world, if not one of the best mixed

martial artists.

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