India records the highest number of corona infections, 240 thousand cases within 24 hours

India records the highest number of corona infections, 240 thousand cases within 24 hours

India records the highest number of corona infections, 240 thousand cases within 24 hours

India records the highest number of corona infections, 240 thousand cases within 24 hours

India has recorded a very high number of new corona virus infections

The Indian Ministry of Health announced today

Yesterday only, the country of India recorded 23,8018 thousand new infections with the emerging
 coronavirus (Covid-19).

And that was just yesterday in the last 24 hours

This brings the total number of infections to 37.62 million in India.

  And the Ministry of Health in India added that it had recorded 310 new deaths from the Corona virus

This brings the total deaths in India to 486761 thousand deaths

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