He made thousands of dollars.. an American made cryptocurrency through his car computer


A young American man managed to mine cryptocurrency using the computer in his Tesla car.

Siraj Rafal told CNBC that he owns a Tesla Model 3 made in 2018, where he was able to use the car's computer and battery to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He added that he also uses the car's computer in addition to the "Mac Mini M1" 

and graphics processing units, and runs them together using two algorithms, in addition to exploiting the car's battery.

Despite risking his car, Rafal said that “what he managed to achieve was worth it,” noting that he has been able to make about $800 per month from cryptocurrency mining over the past year.

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Cryptocurrency mining is a process that allows computers to generate a series of complex number sequences required to mint a new virtual currency 

and document its financial transactions, a task that requires huge amounts of energy.

Alejandor de la Torre, who specializes in bitcoin mining, explained to the network that the main component of mining is cheap electricity

and if anyone can provide that with their electric car, that's a good thing.

Previous experiences

In 2018, Chris Alessi, the first electric car dealer in Wisconsin, decided to rig his Tesla. Like Rafal, Alesi has succeeded.

Of all the technologies that the Rafale tried, he said, the most profitable included a combination of hacking the car's internal computer, as well as connecting GPUs directly to the car's electric motor.

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