Don't throw them away! Take advantage of the garlic and onion peel to make a seasoning



 In these days of a lot of cooking, the safest thing is that we will generate a lot of waste, that many times we do not know how to take advantage 

of or that it can be given a second use. Above all, because beyond the compost, there are some food leftovers that can be reused 

in a way that you had not even imagined and therefore, the most important thing is that you are open to new possibilities.

One of them is what you can do with onion and garlic peels, which although they look very useless, they can be used again 

and thus take advantage of all the nutrients that they can provide us. Particularly, because there are many and they always give a great touch 

to the dishes we prepare. In fact, believe it or not, the leaves of these bulbs also contain a ton of vitamins and minerals that can help your health.

Garlic is a bulb that has a ton of nutrients. It is known for its natural properties and has the peculiarity of fighting respiratory infections. 

It also has some antibacterial and antifungal properties that help keep you healthy and that some foods do not spoil so quickly. 

It is a food that has been cultivated for many years in ancient Greece and Rome, but it is originally from India.

What uses can garlic be given in the kitchen?

Garlic is used in cooking as a natural flavoring. It has a characteristic aroma and flavor that usually accompanies certain dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. 

The young shoots of the leaves are often included in some dishes. These shoots can be prepared as if they were asparagus, although the consumption of the bulb is much more common. 

They are generally used dry or semi-dry, such as dehydrated garlic, greens (garlic) and pickles.

Some of the many dishes where garlic is an essential ingredient are ajoblanco, cabañil garlic, hot garlic, mataero garlic or pringue garlic, atascaburras, Andalusian gazpacho, garlic chicken, oriental pickle, salmorejo , the aioli, the ajoarriero, the garlic mojo or the garlic soup 

and it is the main ingredient in the elaboration of some emulsified sauces such as the aioli.

However, for those days when we do not notice that we no longer have onions 

or garlic cloves among our fruits, vegetables or spices that we have in the kitchen, there are seasonings, which are a little more expensive on the market, But we can make them at home, as for example with 

the recipe that we will give you, to make one based on garlic and onion leaves, ideal to start the year reusing. It is very easy, effective and durable. Take note!


- 10 or more garlic peels

- 10 or more onion peels

- A refractory or glass tray

- 250 grams of salt

How do you make a garlic salt seasoning?

1- Place the garlic and onion peels in the baking dish and with the oven preheated to 200 ° C, take them to it.

2- Let them bake for 8 to 10 minutes.

3- Once out of there add them in the blender and pour the 250 grams of salt.

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