Djokovic: My agent made a mistake filling out the form to travel to Australia


    Serbian tennis star and world number one Novak Djokovic issued a long statement today, Wednesday, revealing details behind his failure to enter isolation after he tested positive for Covid-19 in December, and said that his agent made a mistake while filling out the travel form to Australia.

    In the statement, Djokovic disclosed "false information" regarding his activities following a positive COVID-19 test, noting that his agent deeply apologizes for the administrative error in ticking the incorrect box regarding my previous travels prior to arriving in Australia.

    Djokovic said: "After my positive test for the Corona virus, I attended an interview with L'Equipe on December 18, and this was a mistake on my part. My assistant team provided information about my travel on my behalf. I tried very hard to keep everyone safe."

    This statement comes as Alex Hawke, the Australian Minister of Immigration, is considering the possibility of canceling the entry to the world number one before Australian Open, which begins on January 17.

    This takes place amid a great debate over the right of Djokovic to obtain a medical exemption from implementing the country's requirements regarding vaccination against Corona virus.

    Earlier, the Australian Immigration Minister's office said Djokovic's defense team had provided a lot of information about his visa, which will affect the time frame for the minister's final decision to maintain or cancel his visa.

    Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is considering the possibility of revoking Djokovic's visa after a district court ruled on Monday to overturn the government's previous decision to revoke his visa to enter the country, in order to participate in Australian Open.

    A spokesman for his immigration minister said: "Mr Djokovic's lawyers have recently submitted a lot of information and documents that they say are related to the possibility of canceling Mr. Djokovic's visa." "It is normal that this affects the time frame for the decision," he added.

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