Countries that have recorded the highest rate of infections and deaths in Corona


According to statistics issued by Johns Hopkins University of America, the countries that recorded the highest rate of corona infections are, respectively: 

the United States 55.1 million injuries, India 34.9 million, Brazil 22.2 million, the United Kingdom 

13.2 million, Russia 10.3 million, France 10 million, and Turkey 9.5 million, Germany 7.2 million, Italy 6.3 million and Spain 6.2 million.

In terms of deaths, the United States also ranks first with 826 thousand deaths, followed by Brazil 619.4 thousand, India 481.8 thousand, Russia 305 thousand, Mexico 299.5 thousand, Peru 202.7 thousand, the United Kingdom 148.8 thousand, Indonesia 144 thousand, Italy 137.6 thousand and Iran 131.6 thousand.

The number of deaths in Europe and North America now exceeds the number of deaths in Asia.

In Latin America, South America and the Caribbean, the death rate continues to rise. 

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