Canada.. Thousands Protest Against Corona Restrictions


Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Canada's capital, Ottawa, to protest against mandatory vaccinations, masks and lockdowns.

Some protesters compared Covid restrictions to fascism, used Nazi symbols on upturned Canadian flags and one of the trucks carried the Confederate flag

while many carried banners laden with phrases targeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Protest organizers called on Trudeau and all county governments to remove all COVID-19 restrictions and mandatory vaccinations.

The horn sounded in downtown Ottawa, as a convoy of trucks and cars pulled up around Parliament, and another stopped at the war memorial before police told them to leave.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson wrote on Twitter: 

"Parking on this hallowed ground which houses the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a sign of complete disrespect."

The convoy of truckers and others prompted police to prepare for possible violence and the government to warn against escalating rhetoric linked to the protest.

Meanwhile, a senior security official in parliament has recommended MPs shut down amid reports their homes could be targeted.

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