Apple and Gafams, new safe havens for investors


In August 2018, the unimaginable was reached: Apple, the firm founded by Steve Jobs, passed the threshold of $ 1 trillion in market capitalization. 

The matter now seems very trivial, and on this first trading day of 2022, Apple crossed the $ 3 trillion mark (2.655 billion euros) in session, before declining slightly. 

This is more than seven times the value of the French luxury champion LVMH and more than the forty French flagship stocks of the CAC 40 combined (2,700 billion dollars in cumulative capitalization).

Apple is not alone, along with other US tech giants: Microsoft is worth $ 2.5 trillion, Alphabet (Google) $ 1.9 trillion, Amazon $ 1.7 trillion, Tesla $ 1,000 billion. 

Close to this bar are Meta (Facebook, 935 billion) and Nvidia (735 billion).

The Gafams (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) pulled the odds in this year 2021, while small technology stocks suffered sometimes significant corrections. 

By a curious phenomenon, investors, who used to take refuge in US Treasuries when stocks were at too high a level

shun them, which yield virtually nothing in a period of zero interest rates (the rates risk-free at ten years are 1.63% while inflation is at an annual rate of 6.8%). 

They prefer to buy Apple securities, now considered one of the safest assets on the planet and whose value rose 38% in 2021. 

In December 2021, Moody's agency granted the firm's debt of Cupertino (California) has the AAA rating, as it previously did at Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson. France's rating, AA2, is two notches below.

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