America sets a world record for new Corona cases, with more than a million injuries


The US Bloomberg Agency said that the United States set a world record in the number of daily infections with the Corona virus

as more than one million people were diagnosed with “Covid 19” yesterday, Monday, with the Omicron tsunami sweeping all aspects of American daily life.

The agency indicated that the highly contagious mutator is pushing infections in the United States to a record level

the highest by a large margin than any other country recorded before, as the number recorded for new infections yesterday, Monday, is almost double the record recorded only four days ago in the states. 

The number is 590 thousand, which was double the number recorded for the same period a week ago.

The agency stated that the number was more than twice the number of cases that were recorded anywhere else at any time since the beginning of the epidemic more than two years ago. 

The highest number recorded outside the United States was recorded in India, in light of the high Delta injuries, and it was more than 414,000 injuries on May 7, 2021.

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These numbers were recorded in the United States, although many Americans rely on home tests, the results of which are not registered with government authorities, which means that this number is much lower than the real one.

While the new infections have not yet translated into serious infections or a massive rise in deaths, their impact is being felt across the country with the new infected being isolated in their homes.

The results are causing flight cancellations, closing schools and offices, overcrowding hospitals, and disrupting supply chains.

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