A second North Korean test after the supersonic missile... South Korea does not trust

South Korea

    The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that North Korea has launched a new ballistic missile towards the East Sea, less than a week after it launched an alleged hypersonic missile.

    The South Korean Armed Forces said it "detected what appears to be a ballistic missile launched by North Korea from an inland area at 7:27 a.m., without further details."

    It was pointed out that South Korean intelligence services and the US are currently analyzing the details of the launch, and that the South Korean military is closely monitoring North Korea's related movements, in light of the close cooperation between South Korea and the US, which maintains preparations against the possibility of additional launches to the north.

    Yonhap News Agency quoted an informed source as saying that "the North may have launched the latest missile from Jagang Province, in the north of the country, the area bordering China."

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    The South Korean agency stated that there is speculation that North Korea's launch today came as an additional test of its previously launched supersonic ballistic missile, given that the new missile was launched from Jagang Province, the same area in which the previous launch took place.

    In this region, Pyongyang conducted a test launch of what it claims is a supersonic missile on January 5, and also tested the launch of the supersonic missile (Hwasong-8) in September last year.

    In contrast, South Korean military officials rejected "Pyongyang's claim that it successfully test-fired a hypersonic missile last week, saying that Pyongyang has not yet developed the technologies for such an advanced launch vehicle."

    This missile launch is "the second that North Korea has demonstrated its power this year, just 6 days after it launched what the South believed was a ballistic missile on the 5th of this month."

    Subsequently, South Korea's Presidential National Security Council expressed its deep regret that North Korea launched what was said to be a ballistic missile into the East Sea.

    It was reported that the South Korean presidential National Security Council held an emergency meeting for 50 minutes starting at 8:50 a.m. Tuesday, local time, shortly after the North's latest launch.

    Yonhap News Agency described the council's expression of "extreme regret" as "stronger than its previous expression on Jan. 5 when Pyongyang launched a ballistic missile, at which time the council expressed (concern) about North Korea's launch."

    The permanent members of that council were quoted as saying that South Korea and the US are analyzing the details of the latest launch, in close cooperation, while keeping a close eye on North Korea's related moves.

    These members urged North Korea to "respond quickly to the resumption of dialogue and cooperation, in response to the international community's aspirations for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula."

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