A food supplement that helps treat the symptoms of Corona.. Get to know it


A new study published in the Gut Microbes Journal revealed that promoting healthy gut bacteria “probiotics” can help treat long-term symptoms of corona, and the study found that 78 out of 147 participants achieved complete symptom relief, with a success rate of 53.1%, according to the “Daily” website. Express".

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The scientists found that probiotics had an effect on symptoms as early as 5 days of the treatment plan. In addition, there was also a significant reduction in viral load, indicating that participants may be less likely to suffer from long-term COVID-19.

Corona virus is a long-term condition that affects those recovering from Corona around the world, and working out how to treat it will be a major medical challenge after the pandemic.

The NHS recommends that patients speak to their GP if they are still suffering from the effects of corona four weeks after infection, and blood tests, blood pressure, heart rate and chest x-rays can be done to determine if a person has long-term corona disease or another condition. .

In some people, symptoms disappear after a few weeks or a few months, and some still have symptoms approximately two years after they first discover the condition.

The British Heart Foundation offers some guidance on managing long-term symptoms of corona:

With regard to fatigue and shortness of breath, it is best to try to break the tasks that feel difficult into smaller parts.

Furthermore, it is recommended that people continue to do things that make them feel short of breath, such as "If you stop using your muscles, they will weaken, which can make you more distressed when you try to use them".

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