5 Magical Habits in the Morning That Make Your Day Better



 The morning period is very important, and following a healthy routine during it sets the tone for the rest of the day completely, and 5 healthy habits are the best way to do so.

Many are confused about following healthy habits that make their lives better, but decisions in this regard sometimes fall victim to time and circumstances, so what can he do to avoid this?

Experts in nutrition and life affairs, according to "styleblueprint", who pointed out 5 main ways to form healthy habits in the morning, are of great importance.

  • sleep more:

Sleep has many benefits such as enhancing focus and reducing stress, and the benefits also extend to the morning, lack of sleep negatively affects our morning routine, so we must sleep enough.

According to experts, sleep is the most important thing that makes your morning routine more effective, by sleeping from 7-9 hours, this positively affects immune functions, hormone levels, memory and even food cravings.

  • Drinking water:

Drinking 16 ounces of water during the first 10 minutes of waking up is very important to start your day in a healthy way. 

During sleep hours, the body undergoes rest and recovery, and the body does not receive water during these hours.

Drinking water in the morning not only helps hydrate the body and eliminate toxins, but also compensates for hunger and reduces the food that you will eat shortly. 

In addition to water, you can have healthy drinks such as lemon juice.

  • Take vitamins and minerals:

There are billions of chemical reactions in the human body, and in order for these reactions to occur efficiently and effectively, experts recommend taking vitamins and minerals. 

It can be obtained through oats, yogurt, cereals and others.

  • Moments of contemplation and calm:

It is true that a person wakes up in the morning with a lot of work to be done, but it is possible to take moments for contemplation and stillness, which gives a person an opportunity for creativity instead of rushing.

This can be done through yoga, meditation, sitting in nature or writing, and this helps to keep the focus high in the person.

  • gratitude:

Taking a few minutes to practice gratitude can be a positive start to the day. 

For example: Think of three things you are grateful for, such as your health, your family members, your job, or anything that makes you smile. 

Whether you write it down in a notebook or say it out loud, they are all equally effective.

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