Follow these tips to keep the bolillo fresh and not hard



Perhaps one of the most consumed foods around the world, without a doubt that turns out to be bread. This condiment, prepared with flour, is usually perfect for various types of recipes, whether sweet or salty, bread is to accompany us in different recipes. Although there is also a large number of options in terms of bread, one of the most popular, at least in Mexico, without a doubt that is the bolillo.

This could probably be confirmed by any Mexican who has enjoyed a guajolota, a drowned cake or simply a cake with ham and cheese, which can turn a bolillo into something extraordinary. The problem with this turns out to be when after a few days, just a few days after buying it, we realize that the bread has become ugly or even so hard that it is impossible to consume it and even courage gives us the mere fact of thinking about this.



For some time it has been commented that keeping bread in a warm and humid place can generate the creation of fungi. For this reason, it is advisable to store it in a place with low temperatures or a cold place such as the refrigerator. Of course, we recommend you put it there, just to use it to toast and wrap it in aluminum foil or plastic.

Cloth or cloth

To make your bread taste better and last much longer, you could wrap all the bobbin pieces in a clean cloth or cloth so that no tips are exposed. To enjoy it, then you should put it in a place like the stove or oven.


As we mentioned at the beginning, placing it in a warm space could generate fungus, therefore, we recommend, if you have it outside, place it in a cold place and it will retain its freshness for a longer time.


Just as you can refrigerate your bread, another of the ideal techniques is to take it to the freezer, but this will also depend on how far you think about using it and, also, it is important to remember that once defrosted, you should not put it back to freeze . For this we will put it in an aluminum foil or with an airtight seal.

Oven or toaster

And finally, if you do not follow any of these tips, it could be ideal to toast in the oven or some type of toaster, we are sure you will love it.

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