Amazon cloud services "aws" outage



Egy4ever publishes to you the details of the presentation of the cloud computing unit in the global company Amazon, called aws


AWS announced Tuesday for an outage that disrupted some sites and services.




A notice on the Amazon Web Services status page says it's having problems with some APIs


 and the AWS Management Console. The issues affect the US-East-1 core region of AWS


It is hosted in Northern Virginia, so not all users may experience outages.




The outage began around 11 a.m. EDT. As of Tuesday evening,


AWS said in an updated notice that several underlying issues that caused the outages have been mitigated.




Amazon cloud problem


All issues affecting cloud computing service have been resolved


popular EC2 as of 6:30pm EST,


While other services are still experiencing issues, according to the AWS status page.




We are seeing improved availability across most AWS services,” the notice states.


 "We continue to work toward the full recovery of all affected AWS Services and API operations."




Among the services that reported issues as a result of Disney's outage


Streaming subscription service, Disney +, Netflix, Slack, Ticket,


 Robinhood stock trading app, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US




The outage also disrupted important tools used within Amazon. Inform warehouse and delivery workers,


 Together with Amazon's Flex service drivers,


On Reddit that they don't have access to the Flex app or the AtoZ app,


 This makes it impossible to inspect packages or access delivery methods.




In a statement, Amazon spokesperson Richard Rocha confirmed,


 Amazon warehouses and deliveries are experiencing issues due to AWS outage.


Rocha added that the company is "working to solve the problem as soon as possible."




Amazon did not respond to questions about how many warehouses and delivery stations were experiencing issues as a result of the outage.


Amazon sellers also reported that they are unable to access Seller Central, an internal website used to manage customer orders.


In a notice sent to delivery drivers via Amazon Chime, an in-house chat app, and seen by CNBC, the company said it is "currently monitoring a network-wide technical outage" affecting deliveries.


If drivers are unable to continue with deliveries due to a power outage, move to a safe location nearby and stand aside,” the message continued.


Samuel Caceres, an Amazon driver in Washington state, told CNBC that his delivery facility has been "down" since 8 a.m. PST. He added that drivers and warehouse workers have been standing by since then.


Unable to make their workday, many warehouse and delivery workers were instructed to wait in break rooms until issues were resolved. Some of the Flex drivers, contract workers who deliver from their own vehicles, were unable to sign up for shifts and were sent home for the day.


The outage is affecting Amazon's retail operations at a particularly uncomfortable time. The company was in the middle of "peak season," when holiday shoppers demand a flurry of orders and the e-commerce giant is under tremendous pressure to make sure packages arrive on time.


Amazon's in-house delivery arm, made up of contract delivery companies and independent Flex drivers, is increasingly overseeing this piece of the puzzle. The company offers about two-thirds of its private packages in the US, according to data from ShipMatrix.


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