Learn about the best foods to increase the male hormone (testosterone)

Learn about the best foods to increase the male hormone (testosterone)

هرمون التيستيسترون

Increase the male hormone with your daily diet

Undoubtedly, testosterone

Known as the male sex hormone, it is the primary hormone

I have every man - where he gets men's attention first (testosterone)

It is the main hormone in a man's body and is responsible for everything that is masculine in it

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What is testosterone (male hormone)

Testosterone, or the male hormone, is always associated with a man's performance in a marital relationship

Where is the basis of fertility in all its meanings?

Testosterone is produced in men to a greater extent than in women

Male hormone is produced in the testicles and adrenal glands in a man's body.

A high testosterone level is associated with sexual performance

reproductive function and muscle mass

It is also associated with hair growth and aggressive behavior

Emotional, competitive and other things related to masculinity.

And increases the level of testosterone until the age of forty and then slowly declines.

There are many ways to increase the level of the male hormone testosterone in the body.

If you feel that it needs to be increased, why not follow this healthy diet.

You have to improve your diet to get good levels of the hormone

Improve your eating habits
You have to eat vegetables and fruits, and reduce cholesterol

You should take medicines rich in magnesium and magnesium

Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are also very important as they reduce the level of the female hormone in the body

This allows the levels of male hormone to rise,

Where the relationship between them is an inverse relationship.

eat nuts
Nuts such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and cashews have a significant role and impact in raising testosterone levels

Especially with continuity in the long run.

Eat foods rich in zinc and phosphorous
Eating large amounts of seafood rich in phosphorous and foods rich in zinc

It improves your body's health levels very effectively

If you are not a fan of shellfish and fish, you can take medication that contains sage instead


Eating oats several times a week is very good

As it is known that oats help to increase the male hormone

It contains L-arginine, which helps to nourish and relax blood vessels, and thus more blood flow

Easily to the organs, especially the genitals.

eat eggs

eat cabbage

stay away from sugar
Multiple studies of scientists have shown that obesity reduces obesity

Significantly increases testosterone levels in the body

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Foods that boost testosterone levels in the body


Tuna contains vitamin D, which the body needs to produce testosterone

Also, tuna contains protein as well, and is low in calories, as it will not lead to weight gain

It is also beneficial for heart health

We should not eat canned tuna more than 3 times a week

This is because it contains toxic mercury if it exceeds this limit.

Low fat milk

Eating low-fat milk, undoubtedly, has a significant effect on increasing male hormones

Milk contains calcium and vitamin D as well

Where it enhances the hormones of the blood and also strengthens the bones, and it is recommended to reduce fat to not gain weight or harmful fats


Eggs, especially the yolk, also contain vitamin D, which is very important for testosterone


Very useful, as mentioned earlier


All types of marine life are important, especially crustaceans such as lobster and crab.

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