melatonin hormone

melatonin hormone

Egy Forever publishes to you what is the melatonin hormone and what is the importance of this hormone,

Also called the sleep hormone and the happiness hormone, it is made up of carbon and hydrogen.

Nitrogen and oxygen are secreted by the pineal gland

A lump behind the pituitary gland in the brain, and the reason for its name is the pineal;

Because it is very similar to pine seeds in shape and size, what is its role? And where is it? And what are the reasons for its deficiency in the body?


Its importance to humans
The human hormone melatonin is secreted at night, that is, when it is in the dark.

He feels drowsy and wants to sleep, but if a person is in a lighted room,

The secretion of melatonin decreases, as the amount of its secretion is inversely proportional to the amount of light.

So it regulates the biological clock of man, as he sleeps at night,
When the sun rises, the amount of light increases, and the levels of the hormone melatonin decrease

Which leads to vigilance. Antioxidant, prevents high blood pressure, heart attacks,

It reduces the risk of cancer, and has a role in the secretion of sex hormones,

It increases fertility, sexual desire, and calms nerves

and regulate the body's reactions, so it is called the hormone of happiness,

Treating insomnia, menstrual pain, Alzheimer's disease, and some psychological conditions.


Importance for animals
Melatonin is also found in animals, especially birds and mammals.

Through it, animals can differentiate between seasons, as its secretion in winter is for longer periods,

And when the period of its secretion begins to decrease, the animals realize that summer is approaching, which helps them to prepare themselves physiologically,

Morphologically, to adapt to changing weather.


How to get melatonin
Melatoin is obtained by sleeping early in a dark room. It is not secreted when sleeping during the day.

As for the foods that the pineal gland helps to produce, they are bananas.

Cocoa or dark chocolate, tomatoes, ginger, oats, corn, rice, and barley.
There are some medications that manufacture the hormone melatonin, which are given to those who suffer from insomnia

and depression, especially the elderly, enabling them to sleep eight hours a day.

Causes of decreased melatonin secretion
Stimulants such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks reduce the secretion of melatonin.

It should not be taken at night. Sitting in front of a computer screen before bed, because of the bright screen light.

Eat a heavy dinner, so it is recommended to eat a light dinner in advance; Because a full stomach causes insomnia. getting older

Disadvantages of taking melatonin
pregnant women; Because studies have proven that it affects the growth of the fetus, as well as nursing mothers and children.

Allergy sufferers, especially asthmatics.
Because it makes the situation worse. People with blood cancer (leukemia).

What is the melatonin hormone melatonin where is it found,

melatonin, the happiness hormone

What is the hormone melatonin?

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