New Media In Our Life

 New Media In Our Life


No one can deny the impact of new media in our life, as the majority of people are using new media to communicate with the world.

New media allow communication, dialogue and expression of opinion through its tools, such as the Internet, smartphone, and computer.


Types Of New Media:

The types of new media are numerous, and they are easy to deal with, search and modify, and they are:



They are the most used new media, where content is published in it that suits different age groups, and it constitutes an important environment for those interested in the readable and visual content that  It is published.


Social Media

They are the most important new media in our life, and they are easy to use, and provide easy communication with the outside environment.

If you are a social media user, you will play the role of sender and receiver, where you can receive news, share it and interact with it.



You can find them somewhat similar to blogs, but their news is more diverse, and they enjoy interaction.

Nowadays, electronic newspapers have outperformed paper newspapers due to the ease of dealing with them and the ease of receiving news from them.


Video Games

It is one of the new media in our life dedicated to fun and entertainment.

These games have their own virtual world, as most of them are 3D games with sound effects that bring you into their own world, which may take place in virtual places within a virtual time.


Virtual Reality,

which is one of the new media, and it uses technologies that allow the user to enter a virtual world through special applications such as watching movies, riding a train and crossing countries, this makes the user enter into a wonderful interactive experience.

Virtual reality may later become a global entertainment platform and may achieve a very wide spread.


What’s The Effect Of New Media In Our Life?


The effect of new media includes its positive and negative impact, and this is what we will explain:



Many Internet sites provide opportunities for distance learning, there are educational sites that give information and strengthen skills through illustrations and explanations, and in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, distance education has appeared strongly, and it has become a refuge  to learn in light of the closure of schools and universities.

Ease of obtaining news and interacting with everything that is happening, because searching on the Internet is easy and does not require effort and saves time.

Facilitate communication with people and conduct conversations with them through social media.



Weakness of real communication with people, as communication is often through computer screens or mobile phones, and through text messages or through social media.

Addiction, people often spend most of their time browsing the Internet or communicating with others from behind their computers or mobile phones.

There are some people who publish everything related to their personal lives of events and occasions on social media pages, which eliminates confidentiality and may make them vulnerable to harm and exploitation by some strangers.

The large cost, the Internet needs to pay money monthly, and it may reach large sums if the consumption of the Internet is large.

There are some sites that publish images or things that are immoral, and this is what you should pay close attention to, and stay away from these sites .


How To Make Our Use Of New Media Beneficial?


New media in our life has brought about a great revolution and our life has become closely related to it, and therefore our use of it must be accompanied by awareness and responsibility towards ourselves and those around us.

This is not difficult, we have to choose reliable pages that have credibility and do not deviate towards pages that violate our culture and violate morals.

As we know that the Internet has become available among children, we often find children sitting in front of computer screens or smart phones, and here comes the role of parents to monitor children and pay attention to what they see or the games they play on the computer or smartphone, and also it is necessary to sit with them while browsing the Internet to guide them  what suits them.

New media has made everything available to us, and we must be careful  in choosing and using what suits us.

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