Relationship between money & happiness

Relationship Between Money& Happiness

Many people believe that there is no relationship between money & happiness, and that happiness comes from many things in life such as being healthy, getting married and getting a new job. While many find that money is a reason for happiness or is the main ingredient for achieving happiness in life, and this is what we will try to explain to you here.


What Can You Achieve With Money? 

Money helps you in the simplest things, which is to secure your daily needs, so you cannot buy what you need without money.

Money helps you to get treatment in case of illness, and thus you will get rid of pain and feel comfortable and get happiness.

And when you have money, you can help the poor,  this help will make you feel satisfied and happy.

Without money, you cannot go to the places you like to visit and travel for tourism.


Having money helps you to register in sports clubs and thus maintain your fitness.

Money helps you to enroll your children in universities and follow up on their educational attainment, and this helps them to get jobs in the future.

Having money helps you to register and attend courses specific to your field of work, and this helps you to develop your performance and thus achieve higher levels of work.

The availability of money helps in the stability of married life, as money helps in securing the needs of the family and the requirements of the children, and this plays a major role in the stability of married life.

When you have money, you can attend concerts, you may find this ridiculous, but just as food is food for the body, music is food for the soul.  So money helps you nourish your body and soul.

All the things we mentioned need money and achieving them gives a person a feeling of comfort and happiness, so we can say that there is a strong relationships between money & happiness.



What Does Money Bring To Society And The State?

When money is available and community members can develop themselves at work by following work-specific courses, this has a significant impact on developing all aspects of work in society and thus its development and prosperity.

When an individual has money and can help the poor, this is of great importance in reducing the manifestations of poverty and people’s need.  Also, spending on the poor improves ties between members of society.

When there is money, the community will be able to secure all the requirements for development, and thus the community will advance for the better.

The presence of money in society and the state helps in developing the health aspect, such as hospitals and securing the necessary medicines.

Also, with money, the state will be able to pay salaries to its employees.

The presence of money also helps the state in building the public utilities that its people need.

So money helps in stabilizing societies and this certainly gives happiness to its people.  This confirms the relationship between money & happiness.



How Does Money Negatively Affect Life?

Everything in life needs reason and thinking.  The same applies to money, as the availability of money is a wonderful thing in the life of every person, but if this money is not used correctly, it becomes a burden and may drag its owner into problems.  The use of money to enjoy life is beautiful and a right for its owner, but he should not be carried away by using money at the gambling tables.

Also, some may become obsessed with travel and trips because of the presence of money, and this may also waste their wealth.

Some rich people may be arrogant to poor people.

Some wealthy people may be afraid of mixing with people for fear of envy, and this makes them tend to isolate and stay away from people.


Is There Really A Relationship Between Money & Happiness?

Happiness in life is a relative concept to people, and everyone has his opinions regarding money, and some see that happiness comes from contentment and satisfaction with what a person has, and happiness comes from success in many things in life that have nothing to do with money, and some find that this success is achieved by money.  But money remains a means to secure and develop a decent life, not a goal, and if it is not properly enjoyed, it will have a negative impact on its owner, and it is very important to use money to improve life for the better.



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