How do you fill your free time with useful things?

How do you fill your free time with useful things?

We all have a lot of free time almost daily

And this time is wasted from our life and our lives if we do not use it perfectly

We must fill our free time with what is useful to us and those around us

Free time should be used to increase enthusiasm, energy, creativity and learn new things


Find new skills

Definitely the first and essential thing in spending free time in something meaningful and effective

One of these important and effective things is the search for new skills

Learn more new skills and gain more abilities

An example of this is trying to take new courses in a popular field or a new field

Increase knowledge of other areas of interest


garden gardening

Another useful thing that you can spend your free time with is

If your house has a garden or around your house, why not spend your free time gardening the garden?

Or plant more flowers in the yard of the house or the balcony of the house


cook or cook food

Undoubtedly, free time may lead to some feeling hungry

Everyone goes hungry on a daily basis and all people need to eat in order to survive and maintain public health

So if you have a lot of free time every day why not start cooking and cooking food

Looking for new ways to cook and started experimenting and implementing them – may God also create some delicious food cooking videos


Reading books

Try to develop more of your skills by using your free time to read more books

Books are a great resource and reference for building information and building an understanding of life

Try to spend a lot of free time reading inspirational and scientific books


Learn a new language

It is worth noting that reading books is a good thing, but the most important thing is the next step. What after reading books?

What after you learned more knowledge – now we have to apply it

You have to search for learning new languages, take advantage of the spare time and leisure to learn a new language other than your mother tongue

The new language will help you not only to read more foreign books and learn more foreign knowledge

But it also enables you to increase your network of knowledge


start drawing

Drawing is an important matter as it brings out the creativity that exists within each of us, and it also helps to unload human repression

Therefore, we recommend that you learn to draw and practice drawing in your spare time


Volunteer to help your community مجتمع

Volunteer to help your community to use your spare time in something useful and positive that helps and helps everyone around you



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