spiritual and the Kundalini Serpent



Satanism and the Kundalini Serpent

Bioelectricity, what it is and what it does:

Bioelectricity is generally called the presence power, the chi, the body electric, prana, the transmission, the spirit, witch power, etc There are a wide scope of names for this energy.

Our bodies run on bioelectricity.

Contemplations are electrical inspirations in the cerebrum. The brain runs on bioelectricity. Exactly when this force becomes imbalanced, one has seizures.

The proportion of bioelectricity an individual has, chooses the degree of their physical, mental and supernatural prosperity.

People, who are wiped out or debilitate, have lesser proportions of bioelectricity. Wretchedness without assistance from any other person, is a result of too little bioelectricity.

Bioelectricity extends our energy, our safety to affliction, our allure, bestows an inspiring point of view, and braces our thought power.

With extended bioelectricity, our contemplations (electrical inspirations) become more grounded and are more prepared to show themselves really.

A couple of occurrences of bioelectricity include:

Buddhist ministers, who sat still in the street, (protesters), were doused with fuel and lit on fire. They continued sitting still and burn-through to death.

Military subject matter experts: busting through concrete with their grasp hands, cutting edge hand “karate hack,” enduring major, crushing, and savage blows, safe.

Faint Mak: the savage military strength of apportioning light unequivocal hits to chi (an assortment of bioelectricity)

meridians (pressure point rub reasons for bioelectric energy stream) during express events that can cause conceded passing, now and again as long as following five months.

Exactly when the mind, through fear, alerts, or when one is in a day by day presence and passing situation, this incidentally engages an individual to lift unimaginably considerable articles,

for example, back completion of a vehicle, that under ordinary conditions, would be incomprehensible.

Heavenly force The ability to move objects with the mind

Pyrokinesis-The ability to set things on fire with the mind

Electrokinesis-The ability to control objects, for instance, PCs that unexpected spike popular for power

Levitation-Some hand to hand battling and yoga pros can suspend their bodies into the air.

The strength of one’s bioelectricity is the foundation of all magickal accomplishment. Old spells with strange trimmings have basically nothing or nothing to do with the achievement of a magickal working, the accomplishment depends on the strength of the mind and the climate [the bioelectrical field] that with authentic focus and heading, will impact one’s flow situation and others.

Those known as the Gods (mind blowing and advanced extra-terrestrials who have genetically changed their DNA so they don’t age), have a great deal of this very energy.

Lucifer is known as “the shimmering one.” Many of these Gods “known as Demons” are splendid with this very energy.

The emblematic portrayals on the dividers in the Egyptian asylums, entombment places and inside the Egyptian Pyramids explain how critical this energy is in transforming into a God.

Showing up at certified Godhead is irksome and requires dependable troublesome work and responsibility. Authority of the cerebrum is crucial.

The spirit, as long as you are alive, is a bit of the genuine self. In reality, an impressive parcel of us can astral endeavor (leave our bodies openly),

BUT, the genuine self acts to draw in the soul as long as we are alive.

My association in the dead is they don’t create in power whatever else, past what they had when they were alive.

A spirit remains a spirit until they restore truly. Directly through the strength of the soul (unfathomable bioelectricity), will one move into godhood.

Kundalini and the chakras:

Kundalini is the most raised kind of yoga. It is a perfect being thing. The total of the standards of Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc,

and the western religions, address shortcoming, train one on the most capable technique to be an outright loss and endeavor to guarantee the results procured from these requests are held under demanding control, at whatever point got using any and all means. Consecrated works

[hiero connotes “Favored” and glyph means “symbol”] left for us in Egypt [one of the primary spots of True Satanism] are rules for transforming into a heavenly being.

The objective of standard religions, both east and west,

is to keep humanity oppressed and weak. These religions utilize fear is used as a device.

“Karma” this, and “karma” that. Satanism doesn’t address weakness. Satan is amazing, gallant, unimaginably strong, and defiant. He restricts obstacles set upon circumstance.

The Chakras

There are seven chakras arranged along the spine that are the most wonderful. These are the “seven seals,” elucidated in the Christian book of sacred texts book of “Revelation.”

“These are “The seven lights of fire that duplicate before the seat of God.”

They are insinuated as “seals” because the enemy outcasts fixed them in humanity to hinder our obtainment of veritable power and data. We have been cut off from powerful nature and the astral world.

A considerable number of years back, we were as the Gods,

until the earth was attacked and there was “fight in heaven”.

Our being fixed has made mankind degenerate. Lopsided characters in this energy and blockages,

close by openings in the climate cause medicine and alcohol impulse, wretchedness, a nonattendance of stress for the impressions of others and various kinds of life,

harming conduct and various things that plague mankind.


The SERPENT OF FIRE is the picture of kundalini.

It lies slow, wound at the base of the spine,

underneath the Muladhara chakra. The objective is to rise the snake [powerhouse of energy] from the base of the spine,

through all the seven chakras and out through the crown chakra at the most elevated purpose of the head.

To do this safely, all of the seven chakras should be thoroughly open and unrestricted.

To manage a great deal of bioelectricity safely,

one’s body should be strong and the sum of the seven chakras should be totally open.

Kundalini is the presence power and is outstandingly sexual in nature.

This is the clarification the Christian church and other RHP religions blacklist masturbation and a wide range of sex. Sex is the creative power;

it is one’s usage of the presence capacity to make someone else. Right when one is readied and competent, the usage of this force can be applied to various targets.

Hatha [physical] yoga can be a significant help with strengthening and opening the chakras and incredibly proposed. By growing our level of genuine versatility,

the presence power streams less complex. One only necessities to look at the solidness of develop age and the clinical difficulty that goes with it, full grown age goes before death.

There are a wide scope of methodologies for stirring this power. A segment of these include:

Recounting Vibration is amazingly notable. The force of sound can break glass,

incapacitate steel, and solid structures. Vibrations cause the chakras to open and fortify the kundalini at the base of the spine.

Controlled Breathing (pranyama) – Different strategies for controlled breathing are express to each chakra. We are by and large careful how critical the breath is to the presence power.

The Egyptian God Thoth has said regularly “Life is in the Breath.”

Discernment and obsession Through envisioning and focusing in our minds on each chakra, we can open, close and control them.

Re-trying the bioelectricity ideally, should be done progressively and one small step at a time. One’s physical and powerful self is familiar with chipping away at a particular voltage of bioelectricity.

Extended Bioelectricity:

Can start uncommon happiness.

Strengthens and heightens the air.

Gives a vibe of delicacy, drifting, sparkling and helps astral projection (where one wills one’s soul to leave one’s body and return safely).

Opens one’s mind for soul contact and visionary correspondence. Will engage one to contradict disease and moreover enable to patch one’s self.

Makes sure about the immune structure.

Enables to work magick-authentic magick without props-totally down and out. This is the forte of the certified capable. Capacity is pointless.



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