What are the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad?

What are the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad?



First, the Quran.


Muslims count that the Qur’an is the book of God and that it is a miracle by its miracle and itself,


There are miracles or miracles. Miracles are derived from disability, disability: deterioration or inability and impotence are of a disability origin:


It is in the sense of missed, pre-eminence and miracle in the terminology of scholars: a mighty face of habit, coupled with the challenge, salem of resistance,


The miracle of the Qur’an refers to it: the Qur’an miracles people to come up with the same. That is, the ratio of disability to people as a result of their inability to follow the example.


God challenged the polytheists to come up with the qur’an or to bring ten kordons like him, so he was unable to do so by the Arabs,


They bowed to his eloquence and his statement and witnessed him miraculously, and the challenge still exists for all human beings and jinn.


So they came with ten walls like him predators and prayed who you could without God if you are honest, say if the human being meets


And the jinn to come with such a Qur’an does not come like him even if they are each other at noon


Then he loosened the rope of challenge for them and expanded in it, so he told them to come even with a sura of one of his likes,


He said: What do they say, say, “Say, say, “Say, so they came with a surah like him and prayed for those you could neither of God.”


If you are honest and this challenge remains, from this time to the present day, the language holders have been aware of the rate of strength and sweetness of the Qur’anic style,


Only those who were sensitive, who led one of the specialists to say that what he felt from this method were inexplicable,


Abu Suleiman al-Khattabi was determined by the inability of scholars to highlight the details of the faces of miracles, saying:


Most of the visionary scientists went to the faces of miracles in terms of eloquence and even hard to detail,


In it, they listened to the rule of taste. The mark ibn Khaldun: The miracles shorten the understanding of his realization


Rather, he understands a limited number of things from him who had a taste in contact with the Arabic tongue and the acquisition of his queen, and he realizes his miracle of the size of his taste.


Just as God supported his prophets and messengers with the verses of miracles, And God gave his Prophet Muhammad many miracles that those who lived with him saw,


He believed in the faith and disbelief of the disbelievers, and Muhammad left the remaining eternal miracle, a book that falsehood does not come from his hands or beyond, the Qur’an.


Verses of evidence appeared in the miracle of the Qur’an in linguistic and rhetorical terms, including the large number of ancient and modern linguists who wrote


The dead and the authors of the books, and that Qur’anic miracle still remains challenging all man until they come up with his example.


And there appeared abundant Islamic writings in the present era, the summit of which showed miracles from a scientific point of view and was called miracles


The scientific of the Qur’an because it interprets the verses from a modern scientific point of view as people immediately understand them because science is the language of the present era.




With the badges of Our Master Muhammad, he is above him and he is




The badges of the Mission of the Prophet Muhammad are a number of badges brought by prophets and apostles in the Islamic religion


About the mission of the Prophet Muhammad. According to the books of the Islamic past, those badges lost the main role in embracing


The people of Medina to Islam, just as it was the main reason for many non-Muslims converting to Islam


Over the past time, from the age of prophecy to the present.


The Book of God is the realization of these signs of the mission of the Prophet Muhammad a miracle of his miracles and a verse indicating the sincerity


His message is stated in the surah of the poets, and they did not have a verse to be taught by the scholars of the son of Israe[26:197]l,


The Book of God also confirms the ring until the mission of the Prophet Muhammad ratified the badges of his predecessors of the missionaries


With it he lost and mentioned in sura al-Safat, but it came with truth and the sincerity of the messenger[37:37]s.


The Prophet Muhammad has a rank, especially in the religion of Islam, because he is the only prophet that God has sent mercy to the worlds,


He is the only prophet whom God has given him one of his good names. And he is the only prophet who


God put his speech in his mouth and addressed the humanity by him. Just as the Book of God states that it is the ring of the prophets and messengers. A transmitter for all humanity.




The journey of the prisoners and the maraj




In the Islamic faith, Israa and Maraj are a huge event of islamic attendance, preceded by the mission.


So far, migration has come. A calamity that took place in the middle of the Islamic mission between the eleventh year to


The twelfth year, since the Prophet Muhammad expressed that God had sent Jibril to send him a religious message to his tribe


Quraysh and so on to humanity, and it is a continuation and a conclusion to the messages of the past heavens, and according to the Islamic past


For that period, the term “prophetic biography” is considered the travel ing salvag that Allah sent Maher Mohammed.


On the sparkle with Jibril at night from his home of Mecca – the Grand Mosque – to the holy house in Palestine,


And it is a journey that the Quraysh tribe has been so defaced that some of them are clapping and whistling


However, the Prophet Muhammad insisted on confirming it and that he had so far moved from Palestine in a heavenly journey with Jibril.


The Muslim limped to the highest level of The End Of Sidra, i.e. to the greatest and greatest possible place in heaven.


And August in the wake of this the same night. Allah almighty benefited in Surat al-Isra a subhan, who was captured by his slave at night from the mosque


The haram to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which he blessed us around to show him from our verses that he is the visionary




Miracle Moon Defection *


God almighty stated in the Qur’an: The hour is approaching and the moon has broken the surah of the moon verse 1. There have been many good conversations in the year, including


About Anas ibn Malik, may God bless him, that the people of Mecca asked the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) to show them a verse and the moon saw two apartments until they saw a harra between them.


About Abdullah bin Abbas, may God bless them that the moon broke away from the time of the Prophet


People have seen this miracle in the arabian peninsula.


Then they turned around and said: Look what the safar brings you, Muhammad cannot charm people in their generality and the next day they asked from a delegation from outside Mecca and they were told that they had seen him.


People have seen his defection outside the Arabian Peninsula. It may be said that “the defection of the moon is not impossible, the world has seen the defection of a criminal Brooks;


Two parts in 1889. Also, in 1846, Bella was split into two parts, as the astronomer Spencer Jones mentioned.


In the chapter of comets and meteors from the book “Worlds Without Conclusion”). And in answer, it’s said, “The disparity between the moon’s defection.


The defection of these two perpetrators is that they have not yet healed the split; (and the moon is meditating), which is the expected difference between the phenomenon


Astronomical in nature and the astronomical miracle through the Messenger of God because the miracle fades with the demise of timely


Its purpose would have been achieved;




Angels protect the Prophet Muhammad*




About my father, a kitten, abu Jahl stated: Does Muhammad disinule his face between your backs? (i.e., does he pray loudly in front of you),


He said: Yes. He said: If I watch him do this, i would be able to get his face burned in the dirt.


The Prophet Muhammad came praying to sit on his neck, and he surprised them only as he recoiled on his heels,


And he took his face with his hands, and he was told: What is yours? He said: Between me and him a trench of fire and hola and wings !!!.


The Prophet said: If we had come from me, the angels would have kidnapped him as a member. (And the meaning of a member of a member, i.e. angels taken by greatness)


God was revealed in the Qur’an: . No, man should be overwhelmed if he sees him, if he goes to your lord, the resonating, you see the one who ends a slave.


If he prayed, did you see if he was on the guidance or ordered to be strong, did you see if he lied and did not know that God sees no, even if he is not finished, then we will blow up in the corner.




Listening to the people of the graves


About Anas ibn Malik stated: “While the Prophet Muhammad and Bilal walk with the rest, the Prophet Muhammad said:


Bilal, you hear what I hear? He stated: “No, god, what I hear is stated: Don’t you hear the people of the graves being tortured,” he said.


Addressing the dead of Badr


Anas said that the Prophet Muhammad reported the night of Badr: “That is the death of so hopefully tomorrow and put his hand on the ground,


That death of the hopefully of tomorrow and put his hand on the ground, and the one who sent him by truth did not sin these border parties,


They made the above, and then they threw in the qalib, and the Prophet Muhammad came and said, “O Son of Flan, and o, and o, son of a man,


Did you find what God had already promised? They said: O Messenger of God, speak of bodies in which there are no souls? He said, “What are you hearing from among them, but they can’t answer me?”


Nostalgia for the Palm Trunk


The Prophet Muhammad was engaged on a torso, and when he made him a platform, he left the trunk and went up the stage and went to be engaged,


If the torso moans, the people of the mosque hear it together, so he comes down from his sermon and cut it off and joins the torso to his chest and speaks:


A stem has settled, the trunk is settled, if you want to tempt you, you will return green to be eaten from you to the hereafter or bury you and be my companion on the Day of Resurrection.


The trunk said, “Only to bury me and be with you on the Day of Resurrection.”


Anas ibn Malik says: “When the Prophet Muhammad died, we would say, O Messenger of God, if a torso you were engaged above, I left it to you,


How come when you let us not have hearts to you?.


Vibration of one mountain area of


Ali bin Waldi Talib says: In the wake of the invasion of one of the muslims, a large number of Muslims moved away from a mountainous area because he received the certificate at his foot.


Seventy of the sahaba’s choice facilitated him, and the Messenger of God went one day to one and prayed for the martyrs of one


He is accompanied by Abu Bakr, Omar and Osman in the story of Omar and Ali. And while we’re on one where one vibrates and if


The Prophet smiles, raises his pure foot and hits her on the mountainous area and says: Prove it. Why did the mountain area shake, you see, and why did it settle in the aftermath of the strike?


The mountain, whenever he felt that the foot of the beloved Muhammad, would tremble from the tread, and god said it.




The water is in his fingers.


The miracle of the water’s prophecy from his fingers narrated by Al-Bukhari about Anas ibn Malik stated:


(I saw the messenger of God and the prayer of the times, and people sought purity to pray, and they did not find him,


So the Messenger of God came with light, and the Messenger of God put his hand in that pot, and he ordered people to be misled.


From him, I saw the water coming out of the bottom of his fingers, and people were cleared until they were cleared from the last of them.


Al-Bukhari narrated about Jaber bin Abdullah, who said: “The thirst of the people on the day of hadibiyeh and the Prophet in his hands is a kick.


(i.e., a small pot of skin) that people get caught up in (i.e. gathered) and said, “What are you?” They reported:


We have water to clear and drink only what is in your hands, so he put his hand in the knee, so he made the water come out of his fingers.


Like the eyes, we drank and made us clear, I said, “How many were you?” He stated: If we were 100 100 000 for our shroud, we would be five 10 100.


[The novels in this miracle are famous among the Sahaba and have been narrated by many, including Anas ibn Malik, Jaber bin Abdullah and Ibn Abbas,


Al-Baraa bin Malik, Abu Qatada, and others, and their frequent news elaborated.




The light of the Medina town for its present and darkness for his death


About Anas Ibn Malik stated: “Since the day when the Prophet Muhammad came to the town, he lit all things,


Since the day when he passed away, all things were darker. He stated: “We did not dissociate from the Prophet Muhammad until we denied our hearts,”


(That is, we have lost the lights of our hearts that we felt, and the Messenger of God in us.) Miracle chest incision:


To thank God, pray and say, peace be upon the Messenger of God and to his god and companions, but in the wake of:




The prophet’s chest has settled three times: the biggest in his childhood in Halima to remove the leech that he was told had that devil’s luck from you,


And the modern in this is true and it was taken out by a Muslim and others and a Muslim word


About Anas ibn Malik, May Allah bless him, that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) came to him Jibril


While playing with the ghulman, he took him, and he broke his spell, so he pulled out the heart, and he took out a comment from him, and he said:


That’s the devil’s luck from you, and then he washed it in a tast of gold with zamzam water, then to his mother, and then he put it back in his position,


The gallman came after his mother, referring to his da’i, and they said that Muhammad had been killed. They received him.


It is color-based. “I see the trace of the stitched in his chest,” Anas said.


And the nursing circumstances are as beautiful as it is. Second:


When he was inspired to receive what he was inspired by with a solid heart in the completion of the conditions of cleansing, al-Hafiz said in al-Fath, when explaining the hadith of Bab al-Maraj from Bukhari, he stated:


The mission’s chest incision jumped, as Abu Naim had directed in the indicators. That house mentioned the owners of the walk.


And the third: I have the isra and the maraj to prepare for the monologue. Al-Hafiz said that the wisdom in that washing may be to exaggerate the fact that the third time has happened


Just as a decision has been taken in his law on peace and prayer, this time it has been proven in the right people and others.


Abdul Aziz al-Lamti stated in his systems the reading of the sight in the biography of the chosen healer: The slit of the chest of Akram al-Anam* a son of two years and a sixth of the year and a crack for the resurrection and for the family


Also, just as he has come up with the latest developments, the keeper has sealed his research into his chest incision.


And wash his spell with a word that defines the Muslim’s duty in relation to what has been settled in that regard and we conclude with that answer that the governor said


🙁 all the chest incisions, heart-mining and other extraordinary subjects that need to be delivered.


Without being distracted from the reality of the power, none of this is impossible. And God knows.


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