Get rid of thigh fat

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Get rid of thigh fat


Lipoema is a pathological position that expresses the uneven division of fat under the skin, especially within the skin.


The area of the thigh and the lower part of the legs, hip, knees and arm. This pathological position can be met with physical medication and liposuction.


Professor Manuel Corneli, a dermatologist, explained that lipoedism


Is a congenital imbalance in the division of grease caused by hormonal variables throughout puberty and pregnancy


Menopause, directed to the fact that it affects women fairly exclusively.


Transport ation


Cornelia added that lipoedema is a defect in “transport”;


And that lipid, in turn, produces an increase of lymphatic fluid, suggesting that lymphatic vessels will have to


Move a lot of fluid away, causing increased fatigue, and in the period of lymphatic fluid is located between fat cells.


And the watering suffers from swell and thickening in the legs, and in ninety% of cases of large hands as well,


The torso, feet and hands are slim, with no response to weight loss and sports programs.


In addition, people with pain feel the light pressure at these positions.


It is customary to cause the pain caused by the arm pressure a few years after it appears in the legs.


Three periods.


For his part, German improvement surgeon Moytaba Goodes explained that the disease is divided into three periods,


In the first round: The skin is fine, but it is customary for the lower skin to have thick skin in the legs and arms.


In the second period, the skin is lumpy. In the third period, the arms and legs are semio-sized and uneven, and excess fiber often swells.


Physical medicine


Cornelia noted that liposuction drug includes physical decongestant medication,


This is done by manual lymphatic drainage, compressive syrup, movement medication and skin care.


That medicine helps to reduce appearances and associations, but it does not judge entirely above them;


Is the surgical removal of fatty tissue of lipoedema.


Cornelia has developed and used special surgical technology for lipoedema since 1997,


It is represented in the carving of lymph grease, because it requires the elimination of all the grease between the skin


And muscles with the protection and preservation of lymphatic vessels. If this does not work, the use of what is known as liposuction is completed.

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