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Egypt: Reasons for the delay in the names of those eligible for the500-pound grant

Egypt: Reasons for the delay in the names of those eligible for the 500-pound grant



A source in the Ministry of Strategy and Investment Development, announced the factors of delaying public notice of the names of those eligible for the 500-pound grant until now,


President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has decided on irregular employment that has been damaged by the new 19 th world.


The origin said, today on Thursday, that this continues the actions of the official committee formed in the clearing of the names of applicants for acquisition


On the “fourth installment” of the gift.


He explained that the Ministry of Forces, which is working, is the special trend that owns the number of Egyptian labor,


It is also the one that will announce the names due and send written correspondence to the eligible and the replacement date via the mobile device number that was registered at the time of the renewal of the information last month.


The official committee contains the problem of all (cabinet – ministry of forces that work –


Ministry of Preparation – Ministry of Communications – Ministry of Supply).


The positive patterns are first of all those actually affected by Covid 19


They are the result of their work in irregular sectors and do not have an insurance system, and they do not receive a pension from any official or private level.


The number of civilians who registered and updated their data over a six-day time, was about 6 million and 1,22,000 workers


of renewal and registration through the positions of the Ministry of Forces that operate and the Council of Ministers, so so far the closure


The State Administration is the door to attach information the previous Thursday when the clock reaches 12 p.m.


The Authority is working to take all precautionary measures when paying the irregular labour force for the grant,


Avoid overcrowding and accumulation in order to ensure that there is no harm to civilians, as part of the precautionary actions taken by the Republic to confront the Coved 19 virus.


The authority was opened for six days, from October 10 to October 15,


The information, on the given of irregular manpower, via the website of the Council of Ministers and the website of the Ministry of Forces that operates,


Estimated at 500 pounds.


It is important to note that President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who came to power last month, has always provided the gift for irregular employment


Until the end of this year, during the inauguration of the largest refinery in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Africa, in the Area of Masdar in Qalyubia governorate.


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