The benefits of the name of God come Samia

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

My love in God, i review with you today the benefits of a new name of the names of God al-Hasani – the spiritual benefits of the names of God al-Hasani

With regard to his name, “Come heard, and another male will fix every prayer that answers the prayers, and from more than one of his mentions, he does not receive an invitation: whoever engraved it on a ring in the honour of the moon and more than mentioning it was heard and fit a male for the preachers and preachers and whose name was Masood.”

With regard to his name, come became a vision, and one of the most important things he mentioned in his sight is Allah almighty, even if he is the owner of an honest situation that has not been hidden from the matter of his religion and his world,

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