The benefits of the name of God come peace

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

My love in God, i review with you today the benefits of a new name of the names of God al-Hasani – the spiritual benefits of the names of God al-Hasani

The name of God, peace, this great name is what no one carried with him and a hateful opinion at all, and from more than mentioning it, peace of all thousands and disabilities.
And there are secrets to the people of the beginnings and the people of the endings and from more than mentioned and he is afraid God bless him come and fix a memory for the one who seily named Abdessalam or Mohammed
Because if you raise his chord with one whose number agreed with his number and from his inscription a skull or a soul in a gold ring in the honor of the buyer then his bearer is still accepted by creatures and God makes it easier for him to command his religion and his world

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