The benefits of the name of God come Ghaffar

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

My love in God, i review with you today the benefits of a new name of the names of God al-Hasani – the spiritual benefits of the names of God al-Hasani

With regard to his name, he is a blind person, and if he engraves his body and soul on the last night of the month on a newspaper of bullets and solved it after reciting the name, his number is blinded by all the sight of all oppressors, and if he is the owner of an honest situation he has disappeared from the eyes of the people, and he has benefits in wars and others.

Those who witnessed it are not able to bear his witnesses, so he should mention it, and therefore who ever showed him the truth about the conditions of his creation and the hidden secrets of their secrets, and he did not say cover to God by mentioning this name.

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