The benefits of the name of God come clutch

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

My love in God, i review with you today the benefits of a new name of the names of God al-Hasani – the spiritual benefits of the names of God al-Hasani

With regard to his name, the one who mentions him is most lying and blessed, and no one can stand his field.

And who drew it in a newspaper of bullets in the honor of Saturn and mentioned the name of his number and said, “May God arrest his heart and his secret, and he is one of the memories of Ezrael on peace and there is the secret of capturing the souls,

And whoever wants to capture the soul of someone from the darkness, let him take it always and mention the name of the one who wanted to be dead.

And from more than mentioning him, his worlds accepted him and saw the effects of emotions in himself and others as much as his diligence and the serenity of his interior

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