The benefits of gods name come believer

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

My love in God, i review with you today the benefits of a new name of the names of God al-Hasani – the spiritual benefits of the names of God al-Hasani

The name of Allah come the believer. So i know my dear brother that this great name is a great man of great ability and the proof of more than mentioned was enough to answer the invitation and from the inscription of a body or soul on a gold ring or silver and carried it from a show to him and the whispers of God’s righteousness come from him
And from the most mentioned, God disobeyed his tongue from lying and from his inscription on a ring in the honor of the buyer and stamped with it, he received great acceptance and many luck and continuous joys and is fit to remember the one whose name was Abdul Momen or Abd al-Maamoun.

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